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County Court House

6. Brevard County Courthouse

Built: c. 1912
Location: 506 Palm Avenue

The Brevard County Courthouse is located in the old Town of Titusville, platted for Henry T. Titus in 1880. It was built in 1912 on the lot where the original courthouse was constructed and donated to the county by Henry Titus in 1875. Lightman, McDonald and Company won the bid for construction and completed the building at a cost of $31,477.00. Today this government building is known as Annex A located at 506 Palm Street just north of the 6-story courthouse that was built in 1968.

The old courthouse represents the most significant historical public building in Titusville. Courthouses in the United States have traditionally been prominently located and symbolized economic aspirations, architecture and political ideals. Their early designs were influenced by the architecture and political ideals of Thomas Jefferson, who relied heavily on Greek and Roman precedents. This tradition is evident in the neoclassical design and ornamentation of this structure.

The courthouse has undergone two extensive renovations since 1912. In 1925, in the midst of Titusville's first boom period, three large wings were added to provide office space at a cost of $80,000. Three large flat roof additions have been added on the two sides and the rear fa┴ade, the front entrance doors have been replaced, and modern replacement windows have been installed. Another boom was created when Cape Canaveral was chosen as the location for America's Space Program. The staggering growth that accompanied this program prompted a second building being constructed on the grounds and was connected to the original courthouse by means of an extensive covered walkway. Today the old courthouse continues to be used for court business with three judges presiding.


County Court House 1999

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