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Ecotourism on Florida's Space Coast

Kayaking the Econlockhatchee River
in the Little - Big Econ Forest

by Laurilee Thompson of Dixie Crossroads Restaurant

Cyprus knees   Paddling the Econlockhatchee, one of the finest blackwater rivers in the state, gives you a true perspective of what a magical place Florida was before land development. At every turn of its stately winding course the Econ provides a view of nature at its finest.

Cyprus knees Huge cypress trees blanketed by bromeliads provide nesting space for hawks and opreys. While passing through a hydrick hammock you may see an alligator sunning or a line of turtles lazing away the day while basking on a log. Experience Florida's desert like scrub habitat where the river has sliced through the sand dunes of an ancient shoreline. These unique scrub areas are the oldest lands of Florida and date back to the age of dinosaurs.

Wading birds perch in trees along the river waiting for dinner to swim by while raptors soar overhead. Bald Eagles are commonly sighted and this is a likely place to see swallow-tailed kites flying in spring and summer. Woodpeckers dart quickly through trees lining the banks and kingfishers chatter noisily as they bounce from tree to tree staying just ahead of the kayaks.

A mid-day stop for lunch along the bank under one of the many majestic spreading live oaks will give you a chance to relax and comtemplate one of Florida's true blackwater rivers in all of its splendor as it flows towards its junction with the mighty St. Johns River.

Cyprus knees on the Econ. Econlockhatchee scenery
Econlockhatchee scenery Econlockhatchee scenery
Econlockhatchee railroad bridge Econlockhatchee bridge.

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