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Scattered throughout our community directory are many sites of interest to students and others excited by learning. This sub-directory collects many of them in one place. These sites are scholarly, and we expect that many teachers will accept them as research sources. Rolling your cursor over the links above will give you an idea of the scope of this directory.

We welcome your suggestions, as we strive to make this page helpful to students of Brevard County Florida and anywhere in the world. Contact us.  

Florida Department of Education releases online tool to empower and inform Florida families.
Here you will find resources to help you choose the best schools for your children and to understand what things students should be learning. This will help you work with your child's teachers to ensure the best possible outcomes.
America's Promise Alliance - General Colin & Alma Powell
NBC's Education Nation

Mission Statement - Common Standards - Implementing Florida Standards

PTA: Parents' Guides to Student Success

For information about the Florida Standards Assessments, refer to this link:

Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards: English Language Arts

Common Core Education, Inc.: Elementary curriculum mathematics materials

The newest approach to teaching mathmatics to children - updating parents.
Florida Today, on Feb. 12, 2015 has a helpful article. It ended with these online resources:
The following online resources explain the new approach to teaching math:.
• The president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics wrote this letter to parents:
• The National PTA created this 3-minute video explaining the Common Core math:
• Illustrative Mathematics, an education nonprofit founded at the University of Arizona, has creative interactive explaining math by grade, including commentary explaining the how and why of certain problems:
• The Florida Department of Education has created this website for parents and families:

Next Generation Science Standards - For States, By States.

National Science Teachers Association
Online Short Courses
American Association for the Advancement of Science - Education Programs

Classes and Courses on the Internet
Amazing resources that are all worth checking out.

Khan Academy


Open Culture

The Great Courses





TED Talk

Academic Earth


OpenCourseWare Consortium

Power My Learning

Open Learning Initiative

(Science & English)

Gopher Tortoise -- A threatened species. -- Featuring: "Ask the expert."
Indigo Snake -- A docile, helpful reptile - often misunderstood - a very threatened species.
Scrub Habitat -- An ecosystem dependent on fire.
Woodlands Habitat -- The deep forest.
Right Whale -- Only 300 alive today.
Mosquito Lagoon -- Cradle to the ocean.
Sea Turtles -- Huge and endangered.
Ecosystems of Brevard County -- Photos of our remarkable diversity.
Birds of North Brevard -- Five pages of photographs.
150' Nature Mural -- Ecosystems, animals, plants and recreation.
The West Indian Manatees of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
Controlled burn of a scrub ecosystem in the Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary.
Sea-Beans of Canaveral National Seashore
Black Point Wildlife Drive - A picture tour.
Tour of the Canaveral National Seashore Vistas - A picture tour.
Oculina Coral Reef - Off the coast of east Florida.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Get Outdoors Florida! Web site.
Includes a Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights.

2002 Mosquito Lagoon Conference
2004 Mosquito Lagoon Conference
Listed Species on the Merritt Island NWR


"Out There" eMagazine - Real stories by real people about their outdoor adventures in the Titusville Florida area.
Kayaking - Tour Boat - Air Boat - Seashore

Birds - Manatees - Animals - Reptiles - Butterflys - Ecosystems - Wildflowers - Scenery

Brevard Community College - Titusville Campus
NOW: Eastern Florida State College scholarship listings

The Merrit Island Adventure
This YouTube video is a documentary of the lives of the homesteaders living on Merritt Island.
History of Titusville's Negro School - 1893-1956
Historic Markers of N. Brevard
Laurilee Thompson's Life along the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville during the 1950's, 60's & 70's
Titusville, Florida Walking Tour -- Panels bring history to life.
A History of North Brevard Florida -- Prehistory to the Space Age.
Historical Landmarks of North Brevard
The Windover Dig -- They lived here 8,000 years ago.
Life and Death at Windover By Dr. Rachel Wentz
History of the Schools in North Brevard -- A primary concern.
Clifton Colored School ca: 1890 -- Education valued.
The Hernandez Trail -- Brevard's first road - 1837.
The Ellis/Addison Canal -- It met its fate in the Enchanted Forest.
LaGrange Church -- first church between New Smyrna & Key West.
Postcards from the Past -- How North Brevard looked back then.
Historic Downtown Walking Tour -- Take a virtual tour now, then do the real thing.
1954 Map of Merritt Island NWR -- Compare it to today's map.
Harry & Harriette Moore -- Their murder sparked the civil rights movement.
Seminole Rest -- Prehistoric & Historic Indian Shell Middens and Pioneer houses - Interpretive trail.
Bob Paty's Historic Photographs
F.D. Roosevelt's1936 Central Florida Visit
Watch 200 years of world history in 4 minutes.

Brevard Museum of History & Natural Science
• Lesson Plans for Grades One Through Six •

Not current Florida standards, but very informative and useful.


NASA's Adventure of Rocketry App (2014)
Christa McAuliffe & Challenger's Lost Lessons
NASA TV Schedule - Titusville Cable Channel 15
Photos of John Glenn's 1998 Space Flight - STS-95
REMEMBERING: Early Photos from Space - a slide show
International Space Station (ISS) Photos & Links
GOOGLE MOON - Featuring the Apollo Series: The six missions of the Apollo Program, which lasted from 1963 to 1972, were the first and last times that Mankind has set foot on another world.
KLASS - A new (5/10) computer simulation program will allow students to take on the roles of NASA engineers and launch the shuttle from their own classrooms, grades 6-10.
HEAVENS*ABOVE Titusville - Locations of ISS and much more! - News, history, games, photos, education ...

Get Outdoors Florida
To Get Outdoors Florida website.

Active nature-based recreational activities for
novices to experts that help achieve healthier,
happier and smarter lifestyles and
sustain Florida's natural resources.
Children's Outdoor Bill Of Rights


The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is an ambitious project to organize and
make available via the Internet virtually all information about life present on Earth


An ongoing project devoted to discovering
all the words and everything about them

On January 31, 2000 we received this eMail:
" is contacting you because our editors have selected your site (Ecotourism in North Brevard) as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."

The U.S. College Search
The utimate guide to finding the right school. Internet publisher
Unlimited access to books and information
on the web, free of charge.
University of California at Berkley
webcast.berkeley - University of California
Webcast.berkeley is the university's local Web site that delivers course and event content as podcasts and streaming video. This semester, webcast.berkeley has offered 30 courses as podcasts. You can listen to individual lectures or subscribe to courses.
Also available for download are symposiums and presentations on a wide range of topics in the arts, journalism, politics and other subjects.
Math learning help.
HeyMath! is an E-learning system that supports the work of teachers in teaching and assessment, whilst helping students in Grades 5 - 12 (Ages 10+) build a strong foundation in Math and become independent learners. Fees are involved
Produced in the Deleware Valley, full of ideas for parenting, education, fun, and special needs.
Great Homework Help Websites      

Articles on parenting & having fun.

A comprehensive education guide for students, parents and educators.

Consumer Reports National School Safety Coalition - Facebook
A partnership among educators, nonprofits, government agencies, and caregivers who have come
together to share information and foster collaboration to improve children's health and safety.

Have you discovered these Kids sites?
Edmark: Thinkin Science & Thinkin ThingsThinkin' Science shows kids ages 5 to 8 the scientific method and concepts of basic earth, life and physical sciences. Thinkin' Things activities help kids ages 3 to 8 develop visual, spatial, logical and musical memory, problem solving, and essential critical-thinking skills. By Edmark®
Kids Get A Plan - FL Dept of Emergency ManagementKids Get a Plan features interactive books and learning games for elementary students teaching them to protect themselves from severe weather threats in fun ways that do not frighten them. Sponsored by Florida Division of Emergency Management.
An inspiring site for tween girls.Girl Ambition - Girl Ambition: Inspire Your Tween to Safely Play and Create Content Online
Children and nature.Children and Nature - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Helping families connect with nature.
The State of Florida for KidsThe State of Florida for Kids - Sections for younger kids, Your Legislature, State Symbols, Capitol History, Capitol Tour, Fun Facts, Page & Messenger Programs, and Games & Puzzles.
Wings over Florida Bird Detective activity guide.Wings Over Florida Junior Birder Program - The program was developed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to help teachers introduce younger students (3rd - 4th grade) to bird watching and meet Sunshine State Standards and FCAT writing prompts.
Cartoons that teach kids how to do it.Howtoons - One-page cartoons showing 5-to-15 year-old kids "How To"build things.
The Mint - money management for kidsThe Mint - It makes cents! Packed with all kinds of tips about what to do with your money. Because the plain fact is — YOU'VE GOT CHOICES. Discover how to make the most of your money. You can start right now!
Every RuleEvery Rule that you need to know: Sports, Kids Games, Board Games, Casino Games, Card Games, Etiquette, TV Game Shows, Computer Games, Every Other Rule.
Kids for Saving Earth Kids for Saving Earth's goal is to help protect the Earth through kids and adults like you. We want to educate and inspire you to participate in Earth-saving actions.
Sports Illustrated for Kids Sports Illustrated for Kids: sports magazine for children 7 and up. Reporting, headlines, e-cards, statistics, buzz, trivia, jokes, TV preview, stars.
New York Times Learning ConnectionThe New York Times Learning Connections for Students, Parents and Teachers. Great family movie guide. Lesson Plans. "On this day..." Science Q&A. News Summaries. Crossword Puzzles. Product Reviews. Conversation starters.
Space KidsSpaceKids: Space Science for kids. Study space science. Space Science News, Explore Mars, Images of the Heavens, Tour the Solar System.
Time for KidsTIME Magazine for Kids. News, Information Station, Explore, Games, Polls, Fix the World.
Sports Illustrated for Kids Smithsonian Magazine Kids's Castle: Castle Club, science, animals, personalities, sports arts, worldwide, history, air & space. Games.
USDA Team Nutrition USDA Team Nutrition: Athena's Pyramid Adventure Game. Interesting Info and Recipes. Move your Muscles. Cool Snacks to Make. Plant your own Garden. Good Eating Game. Nutrient Knowledge.
World Village World Village: A site for Family Fun! Games, contests, free email, downloads, live "clean" chat, message boards, family news, parenting, software reviews, and a lot more FREE stuff!
National Geographic for KidsNational Geographic Kids Website: Amazing Facts. Cartoon Factory, Global Challenge. Fun & Games. Try This. Bookworm. Pen Pal Network. Family Expeditions. Buy Kids' Stuff.
Florida Department of Environmental Protection Kids web site. Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Are you ready for an adventure into the wet and wild world of Florida's natural environment?
Florida Division of FisheriesTake a Kid Florida Fishing - Fun Stuff for kids from the Florida Division of Freshwater Fisheries.
National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick Kid ZoneNational Wildlife Federation's Kid Zone: Outdoor Stuff, Games, Reader's Corner, Cool Tours. Wild Animal Baby magazine. Ranger Rick magazine. Your Big Backyard magazine.
Kids Planet by Defenders of WildlifeKids Activities from the Defenders of Wildlife. Includes The Web of Life.
U.S. Department of Environmental Protection.Kids Activities from the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Do you want to make the earth a cleaner place to live? How can you help to protect the air, water, and land? Find out here!
Education PlanetLesson Planet - Teachers, students & parents can find educator-approved resources and services - over 100,000 quality educational resources including over 16,000 lesson plans.
Kids MagazineKidz Magazine is written entirely by kids, for kids! Free school subscriptions.
F.E.M.A. for KidsFEMA for Kids - This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and prevent disaster damage. You can also learn what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a Disaster Action Kid.
PBS Kids EekoworldPBS Kids EekoWorld - Kids ages 6 through 9 can explore environmental issues by participating in two simulations. EekoCreature - kids design their own animal and decide where it lives. EekoHouse, places you in a typical home with 10 minutes to find ways to help the environment.
Meet the GreensMeet The Greens - A site from WGBH for kids about looking after the planet.
kidspot AustraliaKidspot Australia is all about simplifying the journey that is parenting. Ideas of things to do with kids at home.

|| Information Please Fact Monster Kids' Almanac || Science Explorer ||||

|| NASA's Award-winning Quest Team ||

|| Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) ||

|| For BBC ScienceFor BBC Nature ||
|| — The #1 Kids' Safe Search Engine - Powered by Google ||

Need resources for doing homework? Look at what Sherlock unearthed:
Discovery Education

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Want to check out colleges?:
Educational Resources: AcademicInfo: Online Degree Programs & Subject Guides

Want to make Web browsing a safe for your kids? Check out:

Do you know about a special part of the history of North Brevard? Can you write about a unique feature or happening? Do you have photographs or illustrations? We are looking for articles, like the ones above, that will inform our students about North Brevard. These students may be young or old; from Brevard County, or any place in the world.