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Nature Photography from Florida's Space Coast
Titusville Florida

The North Brevard Business Directory has been very fortunate to have been given permission to present the work of fine local professional photographers: Bob Paty, Brad Martin and Joel Reynolds in particular. You will find their photographs clearly marked. Their addresses are on pages with their photos. We invite you to write or phone them to obtain large, framable prints of any work on these pages.

More and more Titusville Florida area photographers are contributing their work. It is clearly identified. Do you have a special photo that you would like to see online here? From time to time NASA Photographers have an opportunity to photograph wildlife in unique situations. These photographs have been put in the public domain as long as credit to NBBD.COM and the photographer is given. And, occasionally a snapshot by the webmaster is deemed (by him) worthy of publishing here.   ;-)


Birds of North Brevard
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Page 4 Page 5 Scrub Jays
Least Bitterns
Bald Eagles
Animals of North Brevard
Page 1 Page 2
Scenic North Brevard
Page 1 Page 2  
Wildflowers of North Brevard
Page 1 Page 2  
Wildflowers of the Enchanted Forest by Jay S. Barnhart, Jr.
Native Edible Plants of the East Central Florida Region
Butterflys of North Brevard
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Reptiles of North Brevard
Page 1 Page 2
Gopher Tortoise Article
Archie Carr Sea Turtles
Ecosystems of North Brevard
Page 1 Prescribed Burn
Scrub Ecosystem Woodlands Ecosystems
Manatees of North Brevard
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Manatee Article.


Photo Albums by Area Photographers

Bob Paty's Photography Galleries
Bob Paty's "Comedy in Nature"
Bob Paty's "Florida Birds of Prey"
Joel Reynolds Photography Galleries
Dean Pettit's Titusville Outdoors Photos
Melody Hendrix - Digital Art
MoonRing Nature Photography-MINWR

Frank Dienst's "Wet Land Voices"
Kim Jarvis of Merritt Island
Loretta J. Savary of Cocoa
Tom Dunkerton of Titusville
Alison Thomas - Serenity Scenes
Ira A. Runyan - MINWR & Viera

How to Photograph Birds, Parts 1 & II:   Winter is a great time to photograph birds. A two part series on photographing birds, these articles will answer many of your questions about what type of equipment, film and techniques you should use to capture these creatures on film.
      Reprinted with permission from the New York Institute of Photography Web site at

Out There eMagazine
Real stories by real people about their outdoor adventures in the Titusville Florida area. Most richly illustrated with photographs.
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