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NBBD.COM is essentially an online encyclopedia for the Titusville Florida area.

NBBD.COM has been serving the North Brevard area since 1996. It contains over 400 websites and more than 5,000 webpages that are used about 3,000 times each day. All of them are specific to the Titusville area. It is one of the busiest, most effective, small community websites on the Internet.

It consists of many comprehensive websites and some sites that introduce the business or organization and lead to their more detailed websites elsewhere.

There is an emphasis on community assets: business, history, nature & environment, and culture. We do not promote political or religious based opinion activities unless they are secular and inclusive. We do welcome religion and opinion websites on the NBBD.

About 35% of the websites are paid business websites. Many others are provided free or at low cost for orgnizations and various activities in the North Brevard area*. It is financed primarily by the business who are listed here. Since their payments keep the roof over the webmaster's head, he hopes that you will express appreciation for their presence on the NBBD. Perhaps you could go one step further and recommend the NBBD to other local businesses. More businesses - a more effective NBBD!

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*This directory considers North Brevard to be mainland Brevard County from Route 528 to Volusia County. It includes the BCC Cocoa campus area and Christmas because of proximity and interactivity.

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North Brevard's Community Intersection
on the Information Superhighway.

This site is about YOU and our community.

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    • Whatever the product or service you need, you will find information (not just advertisements) about what is offered in North Brevard. These businesses want you to know what they offer. They are ready to serve you, and welcome your business.
    • You will find scores of Things to Do and Places to Go, in and around North Brevard, described here. Dozens of non-profit organizations serve as the community conscience and work to make this a great place to live. Our government serves us well and strives to keep us informed here on the Internet.
    • There are no excuses for boredom here!
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    You will find that this is a dynamic, progressive community.
    • We treasure our historic, cultural and natural resources.
    • The Kennedy Space Center helps make this an exciting place to live.
    • Our preserved wilderness areas make this a beautiful place to live.
    • We are planning for and looking forward to a wonderful future.
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    North Brevard is home to the Kennedy Space Center.
    • You can view actual shuttle launches and review the history of much of the American space program. Museums and displays are the real thing. They will blast your imagination into the orbits of our real past and incredible future.
    • EcoTourists will delight in 27 miles of unspoiled seashore, our huge wildlife sanctuary with its myriad birds and other wildlife, and our unique Enchanted Forest.
    • Our seashore is paradise for beach goers and fisherpeople who don´t need hot dog stands and condominiums behind them.
    • And, there is so much more. Click here to review it all.

    • You can participate in helping this Directory reflect all of the good things about our community.
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    • NOTE: This is a private directory. The word "adult" is taken to mean grown-up and mature, not prurient or pornographic. Pornographic and other exploitive material is not accepted.

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Titusville - Secret Is Out
City of Titusville HomePage
City of Titusville
March 27, 1997

Dear Dave Rich:
Thank you for the information you sent on the North Brevard Business Directory. It's encouraging and appreciated advertising for Titusville.

      Larry D. Bartley, Mayor
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The North Brevard Business Directory (nbbd.com) is owned and operated by David N. Rich, Peak Performance Co., a sole proprietorship. It is an encyclopedic, marketing community directory. It is set up so viewers of one site can easily navigate to other parts of the directory that might interest them. All content is owned and copyrighted by him, similar to information submitted to a newspaper. NBBD.com is committed to providing content that is in line with the needs and desires of its contributors.

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Titusville is a wonderfully varied community.

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A solidarity movement for gender equality.  
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