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Wildlife Photography - Titusville, Florida

Photographs by Bob Paty

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Flamingo in Titusville Have there ever been any Flamingos reported on M. I. N. Wildlife Refuge? The answer is yes. I photographed this Flamingo on Blackpoint Wildlife Drive in November 1991.
Defending his territory. Defending his territory.
Eagles in the Sunset Two bald eagles survey their domain as the sun sets on the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
Eagles on a Pine branch. In this interesting display, a female bald eagle is enticing the male to mate with her.
Eagle resting Hyperventilating after a strenuous flight, this bald eagle has alighted on the branch of a pine tree to rest.
Eagle carrying a stick. In late fall bald eagles arrive back in Florida from their northern migration. They start to carry small pine branches to rebuild old nests, which they will re-use year after year.
Two eagles in a pine tree. Eagles in a pine.

Great Horned Owl It's unusual to see a Great Horned Owl in the bright sunlight. They prefer to spend the daytime on a shady tree limb. This photograph reveals the interesting pattern of the wing and tail feathers.
Great Horned Owl with youth Cuddling to its mother, this great horned owl youngster will soon join the parents in flight.
Barred Owl The barred owl is somewhat smaller than a great horned owl and is one of the few owls that have dark eyes. Barred owls can often be seen in Florida's hammocks. During the daytime, they may roost in the low limbs of live oak trees. In many instances they will not fly if approached.
Osprey The osprey, sometines called fish hawk, has regained its population in florida. DDT at one time placed the existence of this beautiful bird in jeapardy. Nests are again commonplace, in fact ospreys ferequently choose ball field light clusters for their nest sites. The ability of the osprey to hover above the water, then dive for a fish, is matched by no other bird.

Red bellied woodpecker This woodpecker, oddly enough is called a red bellied woodpecker. This male has returned to the nest in a dead tree to feed a hungry chick.
Least Bittern The least bittern, shown here is very shy, usually retreating into the reeds before you can blink your eyes. They are about the size of a mourning dove with very large feet and strong legs.

These photographs are by Bob Paty an outdoor photographer residing in north Brevard County, Florida. He is a regular contributor to Florida Wildlife Magazine, a publication of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. The photographs are from the Brevard County area, primarily the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and Canaveran National Seashore.

For further information on these photographs, write or call:

c/o Bob Paty
2840 Jay Jay Road
Titusville, FL 32796
(321) 267-5546

Birds of North Brevard
|| Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Scrub Jay || Eagles || Least Bitterns ||

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