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2000 Ancient Oaks
100 Mile Endurance Run

09 and 10 December 2000
Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary
Titusville, Florida
101.75 miles +/-0.35 miles (one standard deviation)

by Stu Gleman, Race Director

Mike Dobies
  1. Mike Dobies (MI) 22:46:30 (!)
  2. Monica Scholz (Canada) 23:30:55 (!) (16th 100 mile finish in one year)
  3. Matt Mahoney (FL) 26:16:52
  4. Hans-Dieter Weisshaar (Germany) 27:53:45 (20th 100 mile finish in one year)
  5. Conrad Pomykala (IL) 28:47:55
  6. Ray Krolewicz (SC) 30:24;24
  7. Stu Gleman (FL) 31:05:42

The weather was fine, similar to that of last year, except for the afternoon, when it got downright hot (77F), which took a toll on the runners, particularly the faster ones. We had a splendid international (and perhaps even interplanetary) bunch of ultrarunners, some of them tough, some of them strong, some of them brand new to 100 miles: all of them hoping to finish and do well in this pretty but tough little race. Hans and Monica were aiming to extend their respective records; Mike wanted to set a new P.R.; Ray wanted to finish for a change; Johnny and David wanted to race a little; Conrad, Sue, and Taylor wanted to finish their first 100 miler; Matt wanted to run fast and beat Stu; and Stu just wanted to see if he could make 50 miles and maybe stumble along a little after that.

We had the same course and aid station as last year, right down to the chicken soup and strawberries. Friends of the Enchanted Forest President Dave Rich provided a welcome to the runners at 5:30 A.M. and also about 20 gallons of his special astronaut-certified Performance electrolyte drink. The race started exactly at 6:00 A.M. according to the official atomic race clock, and I led the pack for the first lap to clear the dreaded blood sucking spiders (only seven this year) and point out the turns and markers. Taylor Hamilton showed up a few minutes late and so lost a lap on the rest of us.

As the day progressed, the race was between Ray the K and Major Raney, with Monica, Mike, David, and Matt hopping along pretty fast also. It got hot in the afternoon, and this was rough on Johnny and David and particularly on Taylor, who got sick about 30 miles out from simple dehydration, as in running too fast and not drinking enough. Taylor just got sicker as she struggled through to about 40 miles, trying to keep moving and rehydrate. About 9 P.M. volunteer Chris Beck took her to the hospital for 3 liters of lactated Ringer's solution IV, after which she felt much better, but wisely decided not to continue the race. Johnny and David both pulled the plug at about 60 miles. Sue was plenty strong, but suffering with plantar fascitis and achilles tendonitis: she had to decide whether to finish and put Barkley in jeopardy, or quit the little AO and have strong feet and ankles for the Hells. She made the right choice at about 70 miles.

For a while the race was between Monica (who was strong and endlessly cheerful and trying for a sub-24) and Mike. Matt, having realized I was no competeition this time, went for a P.R. by keeping up with Monica. Hans was having problems with his Heartland injury, but kept up a pretty even pace and it was apparent he would make this race his twentieth finish. Conrad ran a beautiful race, a classical race, a wonderful first 100 miler. He tripped on the boards (Mahoney has calculated that 4.5 miles of the AO is on the planks over the swamp) and bloodied his knee early on, and really had to deal with exhaustion later, but he never let up and finished at a sprint. Ray slept about 4 or 5 hours total during the race, and finished as promised. The fat old race director got really exhausted about midnight and was going to quit, but Monica's mother and crew Toni convinced him to take a nap (about an hour) and then she and all the other volunteers convinced him to get back out on the course, which he did; and he even managed to finish the race with almost an hour to spare.

So when it was all done, we had triumph and disaster in about a 2 to 1 ratio. The faithful Hans extended his record to 20 finishes in one year. Splendid Monica got her sub-24, and her 16th finish in one year. Mike dobies won the race, set a course record, and a personal record by -uh - about 6 hours! (Bravo Mike! Relentless Forward Progress!) Matt got his P.R. by many hours, and beat the R.D. severely.Conrad ran a fine first hundred, and thereby set his P.R.. Ray and Stu at least finished. They both hope to get a chance to train a little for the next one - this business of training for the second 50 in the first 50 miles is getting just a little too precious..... The DNFs all did their best, and at least nobody died.

The race was sponsored by the Friends of the Enchanted Forest and the American Remote Vision Company. It was sanctioned by the USATF, and permitted by the Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department and the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program. We all thank these wonderful people, and all of the generous and devoted volunteers (Helen English, Jan Lanoue, Jon Kalbach, Barbara Hoelscher, Christine and Susanne Beck, Paul Schlueb, David Rich, and all the ones I have forgoten here) that made this race possible.

As always, as ever, I personally thank the wonderful beautiful brave runners for whom this race is a tribute. We are going to get an early start on the logistics for next years race, so that the last month will not be so hectic. I will try to get the number of runners extended to 25 or 30. I will try to get a longer trail mapped out so that the loop is about 4 to 5 miles. Finally there is a good chance that the Forest will have a new Building just east of the parking lot, with all kinds of amenities, maybe even a shower.I am going to add a few paragraphs to the Race Manual about staying hydrated. Other than that it will be about the same.

1PreRacePhoto 2EarlyMorningSupportCrew  
PreRace Photo Early Morning Support Crew  
3Krolewicz 4ThompsonandScholz 5Gleman
Krolewicz Thompson & Scholz Gleman

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