How we develop our sermons

You can be a vital part of
The Special Gathering
A ministry within the mentally challenged community.

One area of interest is how we develop our sermons.

We do have a group that meets once a month to develop our sermons.
So we just started running the camera. This is what we came up with.

1. Sermon Prep — Dealing with the Text:

2. Sermon Prep — Application:

3. Sermon Prep — Sermon Development:

4. Sermon Preached — Intro & Dealing with the Text:

5. Sermon Preached — Application:

6. Sermon Review — Structure:

7. Sermon Review — Concerns Part 1:

8. Sermon Review — Concerns Part 2:

9. Sermon Review — Positives:

In Brevard County, three programs meet each Sunday
Titusville -- Cocoa -- Melbourne
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