Veterans Memorial of Titusville, Florida

Leopoldville Memorial Monument

S.S. Leopoldville Tragedy Memorial - April 25, 2015 at 11:00am

I am so excited to share this with you!! Mr. Negrey is 93+ years old and with the help of author, Mark Cubbedge, Mr. Negrey will be coming down to Titusville's Veteran's Park at 11:00 am to see the monument of his ship the S.S. Leopoldville. As you have or will read, 763 men were lost on the Leopoldville on Christmas Eve 1944 by U-Boat 486.

George Cipolletti, the original Flag and Memorial Chairman, was on this ship as well. It is through his efforts, money and assertiveness that we have this beautiful monument in our Circle of Honor in Veteran's Park. Mr. Cipolletti has passed but his wife and family will be in attendance.

Please share this with any/all folks you think may be interested. Our WWII Veteran's are becoming fewer and fewer. Statistics show we are losing WWII Veterans at a rate of 493 everyday.

I am so honored to be a part of this event! I hope we have a great big showing for Mr. Negrey this Saturday. Please come down a help us honor him.

Barbara Kauffman McGillicuddy
Flag and Memorial Committee, Chair
City of Titusville

Monument dedicated January 30, 2005

Christmas 2004 is the 60th anniversary of the torpedoing of the Leopoldville. The ship and the division she was transporting was sunk off the coast of Cherbourg France while on the way to relieve the troops at the battle of Bastogne.

History Revisited

On Christmas eve, 1944, the S.S. Leopoldville made her final crossing of the English Channel. The Belgian passenger liner was converted into a troopship and carried 2,235 men from the 262nd and 264th Regiments who were known as the 66th Infantry Division. The men were headed to Cherbourg from Southampton to serve as reinforcement in the Battle of the Bulge. Within five and a half miles from shore, the Leopoldville was struck by a torpedo fired by U-boat 486. Two and a half hours later, the S.S. Leopoldville sank.

By the end of that night, 763 soldiers were dead. Many of those killed were only 18 to 21 years old and 493 bodies were never recovered.

Some of the men on the Leopoldville.

The ship's clock showed 10 minutes to 6, Christmas eve. Panthermen were about to get their first taste of war. The enemy torpedo struck...

The Leopoldville disaster was the worst tragedy to ever befall an American Infantry Division as a result of an enemy submarine attack.

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Information & group photo provided by George Cipolletti, a survivor.

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