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These BACKGROUND DESIGNS can be used as backgrounds for an entire HomePage (or a Frame). Please note the name and let me know that you would like to see it on your HomePage. Some backgrounds can drastically affect the readability of normal (black) text - we can use a light color(s) text on top of them.

DarkCorkboard.GIF GrayGreenSwirl.GIF
Torquoise.GIF LtGryb.GIF
LtTan.GIF greywh.gif
lgback.gif radtex2.jpg
radtex3.jpg radwav1.jpg
ragglow.jpg ragjewl.jpg
skyblue.gif stars.gif 14.gif
15.gif greyspec.gif 16.gif
2.gif 6.gif 8.gif
9.gif a.gif b.gif
d.gif e.gif f.gif
g.gif h.gif j.gif
m.gif n.gif p.gif
pg4_16.gif pg4_6.gif pg4_8.gif
tex_8.gif tex_7.gif pg4_9.gif
pg5_10.gif pg5_11.gif pg5_12.gif
pg5_16.gif pg5_7.gif tex_1.gif
tex_16.gif tex_2.gif tex_3.gif
tex_4.gif tex_5.gif