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The NBBD is all about building community.

  1. It is our business base that makes possible this community directory.
  2. They sponsor one of the most extensive small city portals on the Internet.
  3. The NBBD is used more than 85,000 times every month.
  4. These resources on the NBBD help residents and visitors appreciate the wonderful community we are.
  5. Appreciation encourages support of businesses, attractions and non-profit organizations.
  6. We owe these businesses excellence in production, promotion and effectiveness!

Building your business with the NBBD will help make this Titusville Area Directory even more complete and useful. We welcome your inquiry.

For detailed information, please go to my company web site:

There are two basic elements to having a website: HOSTING & PRODUCTION.


The NBBD provides three hosting options:

  1. NBBD WEB CARD: URL would be: < >
    • Limited to: 1 graphic (photos), and 75 words
    • Ideal for linking to your existing website from the North Brevard Business Directory.
    • This will double your exposure on the Search Engines (optimized for Titusville)
    • Cost: $90.00 for a full year.

  2. NBBD WEB PAGE: URL would be: < >
    • Limited to: logo, 4-5 graphics (photos), and 400 - 500 words
    • Ideal for listing your existing website on the North Brevard Business Directory.
    • This will double your exposure on the Search Engines (optimized for Titusville)
    • Cost: $15.00/month -- billed $45.00 for 3 months

  3. NBBD WEB SITE: URL would be: < >
    • Virtually unlimited graphics, text or number of pages (Max: 5MB)
    • Cost: $20.00/month -- billed $60.00 for 3 months

  4. WEB DOMAIN: URL would be: < >
    • Virtually unlimited graphics, text or number of pages (Max: 5MB)
    • Includes a Web Page on the NBBD (see above)
    • Includes a Search Engine Marketing Program.
    • $25.00 for registering your domain for 1 year; $40.00 for 2 years (you own the domain)
    • No charge to set up your domain on our server (ISP)
    • Cost: $40.00/month -- billed $120.00 for 3 months


  • Linked from several places on the NBBD:
    • Linked as a sponsor on the 4 main Directories
    • Linked from the main businesses directory. This is searchable on your keywords which follow your alpha listing
    • Linked from "Recent Additions" for a few weeks
    • Linked from any relevant sub directory: Ecotourism, lodging, real estate, etc.
    • Local Search Directory for the NBBD only makes it easy to find your site

  • Get Found on the Search Engines
    • Every Web Page, Site & Domain is optimized for being found on the Search Engines
    • NBBD is ranked among the top 3% of "most linked to" websites on the Internet
    • The major search engines "spider" NBBD.COM regularly. New NBBD web sites and updates usually show up in the Search engines in a week or two.
    • The NBBD is the busiest community web site on the Space Coast.
    • The NBBD does very well on the Search Engines. We work hard and professionally at this
      • We are visited by about 3000 people every day

  • Advertising Link Buttons on the right side of most NBBD non-commercial home pages. Call for pricing.

  • Every NBBD site is linked to every NBBD resource through a link directory on the bottom of every site's FirstPage. - BUILDING COMMUNITY!


This varies a great deal.
We have produced WebSites for $40.00.
We have produced websites for $1000.00.

The $40.00 site was "grabbed" off of an existing site and set up. The $1000.00 site involved creating sophisticated (out of house) graphics, custom photography, and a lot of work.

Most websites that we produce cost between $60.00 and $200.00.

You can save production costs by:

  • Providing text on a disk, in the body of an eMail, or as an eMail attachment
  • Providing clear photos and quality graphics.
  • Completing the basic information form completely and thoughtfully.

Here is a list of our fees.
Costs are reduced when you are effecient in getting the material to us and we can do a lot of work in one time frame.

Basic HomePage Preparation   $40.00
Extra Page Preparation   20.00
Running Page Adjustment   10.00
Picture/Graphic Scan   7.50
Picture Scan w/thumbnail   10.00
PDF creation   5.00
Basic eMail reply form   35.00
Sophisticated web authoring   25.00 - 100.00/hr

What can be on your Basic HomePage?

  • Your name, Your Logo, Your Letterhead: Big & Attention getting!
  • Color pictures - of your place of business OR of you OR of your staff OR of you at work.
  • A description of how to get to your location and other ways to get in touch with you. Your address and phone number, eMail address.
  • Lists of the services and products that you offer. (I bet that a lot of your regular customers will discover some things that they did not know you do!) This can be pretty extensive and detailed - very useful to your prospects!
  • A description of your job experience, some of the jobs you have done, and/or your purpose and policies.
  • Links to outside HomePages, such as those of the companies that you represent. This means that your customer can go to that company's HomePage and get detailed information directly from them.
  • eMail can be sent to you from your HomePage.
  • Your KeyWords go on the Business Directory HomePage (after your name) and may not exceed 12 words. Viewers use these to find you quickly. They are much like "Yellow Pages" categories.
  • We will provide you with an information sheet that will guide your HomePage creation.
    • Of course, you can add more information - as much as you want.
    • You can leave out some of the above suggestions.
    • It's a wonderful thing: Your HomePage will provide basic information to your prospects. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • It is not generally for announcing a sale of the week. (Tho that can be done too!)
    • Why not add a COUPON to attract customers?
    • Nothing involving (or linked to) prurient or exploitive materials will be published on these pages.

    Information Superhighway, not Billboard Alley! – Not a Link Farm!
You should put your WWW address in your ads, business cards, letterheads, Yellow Pages listings, flyers and brochures so customers can go directly to your home page from their computers. Integrating your promotional efforts will MULTIPLY the value of your investments because you provide so much more information on the WWW.

Special Offers
  1. Second NBBD Web Site — 1/2 Price — A second business, if you are the principal operator, will be provided at a basic web site hosting monthly rate of $10.00. Setup and expansion charges remain the same.
  2. Lead appreciation — Current customers, you will be given one month hosting FREE for every lead that you give us who becomes a customer.
Personalize your HomePage
Check out the colors, backgrounds and separation bars below. You might find a color that you would prefer to see on your HomePage. If you do, just let us know by eMail:

Please phone: 267-7367 or eMail: for more details.

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