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A REAL Grassroots Movement
Built on 15 cents in the bank

"If art is to nourish the roots of our culture,
society must set the artist free to follow
their vision, wherever it takes them."
- John F. Kennedy

Most people dream but few have the perseverance to turn their dreams into reality. Maxine Trainer, internationally known British artist and teacher, had such a vision as she drove by the abandoned Firestone Tire building in Titusville.

North Brevard County Commissioner, Robin Fisher, saw Maxine's vision and was instrumental in acquiring the key to the building. Although there was no financial support from either the city or the county, Mayor Jim Tulley and select members of the Titusville City Council gave Maxine absolute freedom to create the canvas with no interference.

Artist / founder Maxine Trainer

With 15 cents in the bank, cleaning and painting began. As word spresd that there was no money for this project, materials to recycle and help began to flow in. Lots of sweat and hard work went into getting the building ready for the artists to showcase their creations.

Maxine honored the history of the FireStone building in naming the gallery "StoneFire." The gallery features a collection of art by local artists and classes are held for people of all ages. There is an air of magic and energy throughout the building. Maxine's vision has been that the gallery be a community reaching out to the community. The studio has become a hub for artists and residents to gather together.

StoneFire has reached beyond the realm of "art" into the world of "the arts." It is a platfrom for new artists to come together. People have met new friends, attended meetings and classes of just "hung out." It's been a wonderful, needed asset to our community and we are grateful to all who have been part of it.

At the very beginning, Maxine Trainer and Robin Fisher agreed that StoneFire would come to an end when the Miracle City Mall was torn down. The community that we know of as StoneFire will be coming to an end in October when the bulldozers come in.

Please consider expressing your thoughts by attending a Titusville City Council meeting on the last Tuesday of each month or send an eMail to one or all of your Council people. Make your voice heard in some way ... for yourself and for your community.

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