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Losing One's Home; The Injustices of the Mortgage Financial Crisis.


Finding Light in the Darkness of the Mortgage Crises. A labyrinth of doors will be on display at StoneFire.

More than 70 disgarded doors have been provided to StoneFire.
More than 70 talented volunteer artists have painted the fronts.
Evicted homeowners will tell their story on the back

What is Kick 'em to the Curb and why is there a shuttle if the event is about doors?

A quick gallery of some of the doors being set-up.

Here is a sample of some of the painted doors in preparation:

shuttle1 door12 doors23 doors34 doors45 doors56

What is Kick 'em to the Curb and why is there a shuttle if the event is about doors?

The idea for this first-of-its-kind exhibit began with a door. A simple door. A door that was brought into the studio to be painted. On this door were the remains of a security system; a security system that kept the homeowner safe from intruders. It did not, however, keep the homeowner safe from the banks. This simple door was all that remained in the homeowner's possession of the home she once owned.

Maxine Trainer, artist, owner and founder of StoneFire Art Gallery and Studios was struck by this image and using doors as a metaphor.

In the eight weeks that followed, doors have come in and gone out to be painted. Artists, kids, grandparents, retired and unemployed alike have embraced Maxine's vision. Completed doors have come in from counties and galleries across Central Florida.

Discarded doors have become works of art. Stories have been written about animals that have had to be discarded when families have been evicted from their homes. Dreams have been discarded in lieu of the very basic needs of life – a roof, a home, a door to close at night.

And then there's the shuttle – built entirely out of doors. While homelessness is a global issue, the shuttle was the first thing that was "Kicked to the Curb" in Titusville and was the first domino in the downward spiral for our community.

When you enter the labyrinth of doors through the payload bay of the shuttle, you will enter a labyrinth of extraordinary art and story.

We would like to thank all the people who have embraced this idea, painted doors, written their stories, offered helping hands and given doors that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill. The outpouring of emotion for this global situation has been overwhelming.

Additionally, all of the musicians who will be performing during this weeklong exhibition are giving their time and talent freely for this event and our community.

While there is no charge for entrance to the exhibition or any of the other activities that will be occurring simultaneously, donations are gratefully accepted. A portion of the donations will go to North Brevard Arts in the Garden, a local nonprofit 501(c)(3), which provides education in art, dance and music to all children regardless of income. For more information, please visit our website at

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