Space Coast Post Card Club

President: Brandon McKinney
Vice President: Cindy Theilacker
Treasurer: Dee Drake

Secretary: Linda McKinney
President Emeritus: George "Speedy" Harrell

6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927

Our Club

Do you like history? Do you like to reminisce? Do you like having a collection that will fit into a shoe box, photo album, or nightstand, but that could still be a wonderful collection? If so, you may like the Space Coast Post Card Club!

We are a diverse group. Our membership is male and female, aged teen to octogenarian; all with a love of at least one certain type or kind of post card. If we don't collect all kinds of post cards (and there are several members who collect just about anything), then we specialize in a particular kind. So we all love postcards of one sort or another.

The floor of our postcard show.

Boxes & boxes of postcards to explore.

2013 Annual Space Coast Post Card Show!

  • When: Saturday, November 9, 2013, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Where: Indian River City Civic Center 4220 S. Hopkins St. Titusville, FL
  • Admission: $3 for anyone over 12 years-old; free under 12; print the coupon and you will get $1 off admission price!. US military veterans get in free with proper military identification.
  • Contact: Show Chair, Cindy Theilacker or phone 321-720-1379 for dealer reservations and inquiries (being accepted).
  • Contact: Publicity Chair, Linda McKinney or 321-639-2610 for questions, information other than dealer information, etc.

Save $1.00! Print & bring this coupon.

Our Show

A visitor will be greeted at the door. If not a U.S. Military Veteran or under 12, they pay a small admission fee ($3 without coupon or advertisement about the show; $2 with coupon or advertisement for the show) and then proceed to any of the dealers' tables, look at postcards in boxes and books until they find some they're interested in purchasing, they purchase them, then move on to the next dealer. They'll meet people with like interests, talk postcards with those who know about them, or who are just starting into it, and they can form friendships and have a great time adding to their collections. They'll find cards of almost every kind, on almost any subject, of almost every description. There are over a million cards to choose from and it's difficult NOT to find something you're looking for! You can do this all day long (trust me, we have!) and you can get a lot of great cards! 

Everyone is welcome to come and learn about cards. If they have they cards they'd like to sell, or just get information about, they're welcome to bring their cards and someone will give them at least some general information about their cards.


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