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National Veterans Homeless Support soldier image

National Veterans
Homeless Support, Inc.

Parrish Medical Facility
7075 N Cocoa Blvd, Suite 700
Port St. John, Florida 32927
(321) 208-7562
(888) 787-NVHS (6847)
(321) 208-7391 Fax

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed by Veterans for the purpose of helping homeless Veterans who have fallen on hard times.

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Key Programs

Search & Rescue - Street Outreach Program focused on connecting homeless veterans with the VA & Housing Agencies

Transitional Housing - 17 Beds for Homeless Veterans

Stand Down - One day event that provides dozens of services to homeless veterans all in one location

Seasonal Support - Hotel stays during inclement weather & Christmastime

PTSA - Provides Post Traumatic Stress Awareness to Veterans & the Community at large with the help of Mental Health Professionals.

Veteran homelessness is not always a choice. 1

Veteran Homelessness
Is not
always a choice

Veteran homelessness is not always a choice. 2

388 Homeless Veterans Served in 2014
Mission: "To Eliminate Homelessness Among Veterans in Central Florida"
Visit: or call 321-208-7562

OUR Mission

To Eliminate Homelessness Among Veterans in Central Florida.

Founded in 2008, NVHS is a community based organization formed by veterans to locate and assist the more than 4,500 homeless veterans living in the parks, woods, and streets of Central Florida off the streets permanently. What makes NVHS truly unique is the fact that we tackle homelessness directly where it thrives...on the streets of our community.

Unlike every other homeless service provider in the State of Florida, who wait patiently for homeless clients to know they exist and find their office, we go out constantly and persistently to find our clients where they live, provide basic needs to insure their survival and build rapport, then connect them to any community organization that offers a service beneficial to them rapidly moving from homeless to housed.