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Great kickoff event for North Brevard Mural Society
November 5, 2015

(For immediate release: Titusville, FL 11-6-15)

The North Brevard Mural Society, Inc., kicked off in a big way on November 5th by unveiling two murals for Downtown Titusville. The first mural "Space and Time Capsule" painted by Titusville local artist, Terrance Cope is underway at 5 Main Street, site of the former Astronaut Trail Post Office. In the mural, the astronaut has opened a time capsule and has objects floating around him. The artist wove bits of history with those objects, some cryptic and some obvious. For example, there is pen with a monkey head that was sold as a souvenir at Tropical Wonderland, a 1960's tourist attraction owned by Johnny Weissmuller. A postcard recalls President Franklin D Roosevelt's visit to Titusville in 1936.

Kickoff event - our first mural rendering.

Board of Directors with Terrance Cope and the first mural rendering.

Reva Harris, owner of 5 Main Street and local real estate agent, the sponsor of the first mural says, "I see the North Brevard Mural Society as a big, bold way to support the arts and give back to Titusville. Public art that will welcome and delight every day of the year is a huge benefit to a community and I wanted to be a part of that effort. Reva is one of the Directors of the North Brevard Mural Society.

Rendering of our first mural.

Sketch of Titusville's first building mural. Click for enlargement.

A second mural has been commissioned to Keith Goodson, an accomplished muralist who has painted many murals in Lake Placid. This mural is to be approximately 22 by 36 feet and depicts the Merritt Island Refuge and kayaking, one of the only ways to experience its beauty. Local hometown Realtor, Donna Cox, attended the event and made a generous donation to sponsor this mural. "Giving back to the people I serve is the reason I donated", said Donna, and she hopes others will also support the mural program, too. Tom and Lynn Altif, owners of Kayaks by Bo, donated financially and the south wall of their building.

Luann Malark accepts rendering from Keith Goodson

Luann Malark accepts rendering from Keith Goodson - wife Jennifer

"Right now with the investment that business and property owners are making, the timing is perfect to make Downtown Titusville a destination. We want visitors to stay and enjoy our town." Lynn Foraker, Director

"Tourism is the life blood of a community. Each community has stories to tell, and while there are many mural towns in Florida, ours will be unique. I am excited by this project and about increasing tourism, encouraging a climate that attracts new businesses and creating a gallery of public art for people of all ages to enjoy. What a lasting gift to give a community!" Luann Malark, Chairperson.

Merritt Island Refuge and Kayaking second mural rendering

Merritt Island Refuge and Kayaking second mural rendering.

For further information:
Contact Luann Malark (Chairperson) 321-480-4733 or

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