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North Brevard Business & Community Directory

Mural artwork on the buildings of Titusville, Florida

The webmaster welcomes significant works of Mural Art in North Brevard.
He reserves the right to determine what qualifies. eMail

"Reflections of our Past"

This historical representation was created and painted by artist Keith Goodson; and sponsored by the Historical Society of North Brevard. Photo credit: Jeff Thamert. Around the corner from 301 S Washington Ave., Titusville, Florida.

North Brevard Historical Society & Museum mural

"Paddling Our Wildlife Paradise" located at 410 S Hopkins Avenue in Titusville, FL. The artist for this masterpiece is Keith Goodson.

Paddling Our Wildlife Paradise mural

"Space and Time Capsule" mural at 5 Main Street, Titusville, FL, painted by Titusville local artist, Terrance Cope.

Space & Time capsule mural

Cliff Shuler Auctioneers & Liquidators 1946 Lincoln Continental
West side of Hopins Ave., just north of Julia St. (Set back a bit.)
By Brevard County, FL Artist Mike McCloskey
Shuler's Lincoln Continental on their building

Sunrise Bread Company, 315 S Hopkins Ave, Titusville, FL.

Sunrise Bread Company, Titusville, FL

Casa Coquina: 4010 Coquina Avenue, Titusville, Florida
More murals on other sides.

Casa Coquina, Titusville, FL

North Brevard Art League: 1421 Draa Road, Titusville, FL

North Brevard Art League, Titusville, FL

The 2004 Dixie Crossroads Mural by Al Rao - Now a memory preserved here.

The whole mural, with details, is here.
Click for a gallery of the whole mural.

Florida Mural Trail

The Florida Mural Trail

The Florida Mural Trail is now under the direction of VISIT FLORIDA, our state's official tourism marketing corporation and serves as Florida's official source for travel planning to visitors across the globe. The new online story features FMT towns/cities along with a hyperlink to each mural city's website. The story will be periodically updated to keep it current with Google searches and provide greater exposure for the statewide mural connection. 

A Statewide Tour of Florida's Mural Art

By Janet K. Keeler

In Florida, the saying ought not to be if these walls could talk but rather how much they are saying.

All over the state, from small towns to big cities, blank walls are doubling as artists' canvases, sprouting scenes of Florida's agricultural and pioneer heritage, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter surrounded by pink flamingos and graphic spirals a viewer can disappear into.

The art of the mural is hot in the Sunshine State, echoing a nationwide trend celebrating public art. In just a few years, the medium has grown so much that a new tourism industry has sprung up, too.

Guided walking and biking tours explain the meaning and the movement, inspiring travelers to go out of their way to take in the scenes. Perhaps the most 21st century byproduct of all these murals? They have become the backdrops for engagement photos and Saturday night selfies posted