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Lions Recycle For Sight

Millions of children and adults in developing nations lack access to basic eye care services and corrective lenses. Poor vision profoundly affects their quality of life. For children, vision loss can lead to failure in school, delays in development, learning disabilities and even juvenile delinquency. For adults, uncorrected vision can lead to unemployment and the inability to support a family. Seniors with vision loss are limited in performing daily activities, depriving them of an independent lifestyle.

Lions Recycle For Sight

During the month of May, and throughout the year, Lions, Leos and other volunteers collect used eyeglasses for donation to Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers that are located around the world. The used eyeglasses are cleaned and classified by prescription. Trained Lions volunteers and other organizations hosting optical missions in developing countries then distribute the glasses to those in need.

How You Can Help

If you have used prescription or nonprescription glasses or sunglasses in your drawers, desks, or closets, you can donate them now! Children's glasses are especially needed. Both plastic and metal frames are accepted.

Community Drop-Off Locations

Take glasses to the nearest drop-off location in your community. Lions-sponsored collection boxes may be found at libraries, schools, community centers, places of worship, train stations, coffee shops, video stores, optometrists' offices or other high-traffic areas. Contact your local Lions club for information about where to donate glasses in or near your community

Eyeglass Collection Box Locations

  1. Parrish Medical Center - West entrance - 951 North Washington Ave. - Titusville, FL
  2. Parrish Senior Consultation Center - 805 Century Medical Drive - Titusville, FL
  3. Mims/Scottsmoor Public Library - 3615 Lionel Road - Mims, FL
  4. Contentment Hearing Center - 1055 Cheney Highway - Titusville, FL
  5. Chamber of Commerce - 2000 South Washington Ave. - Titusville, FL
  6. Sears Optical - Searstown Mall - 3550 South Washington Ave. - Titusville, FL
  7. Vista Manor Nursing home - 1550 Jess Parrish Court - Titusville, FL
  8. Therese B. Dahl, O.D. - 3659 South Hopkins - Titusville, FL
  9. Woods McShane Optical - 4210 South Hopkins - Titusville, FL
  10. ForSight Optical - 1851 Knox-McRae Drive - Titusville, FL
  11. Titusville Optical - 1917 Knox-McRae Drive - Titusville, FL
  12. Brevard Eye Care - 1401 South Washington Ave - Titusville, FL
  13. Brevard Funeral Home North - US1 and Norwood Ave - Titusville, FL
  14. South Lake Elementary School - 3755 Garden St. - Titusville, FL
  15. Eye Clinic - 1832 Garden st. - Titusville, FL
  16. Dr. Kutryb Eye Institute - 407 South Washington Ave. - Titusville, FL
  17. Aker Eye Center - 338 South Washington Ave. - Titusville, FL
  18. Titusville Rehab - 1705 Jess Parrish Court - Titusville, FL