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We have discontinued the Titusville monthly Coffee Party meetings.

Most members were busy gearing up for the Nov election. So I'm thinking well, after that is Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, New Years, & other holidays; so it might be Jan 2013 before anyone might be interested in meeting again.

I am a National member so will sign up with them as you suggested. In the meanwhile, I'd love to hear from anyone who'd care to drop a line from time to time. I do have a Facebook page and find it a lot easier to use that to communicate--but for those who don't use it, I do try to check my email on a daily basis.

Anyway, thank you all, it's been a great experience, and please keep in touch.
And, please let me (Ann) know if you would like to wake up the Titusville Coffee Party.

Ann Sanchez
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Objective: Citizens' civil, honest, & respectful discussions toward points of agreement in working toward solutions in policies of local, state, & federal government.

Independent, Conservative, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, NPA (No Party Affiliation)or Just Plain Curious!
Labels don't matter, everyone's welcome.
You're invited to join us for coffee and conversation.

The Coffee Party USA is a national non-profit, non-partisan and totally grassroots organization. Our aim is to bring people from different perspectives together in civil dialogue to find common ground and solutions that will improve our dysfunctional government and political system.


The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.

We are Americans working to create a fair and inclusive society. Our members represent the diversity of thought, background, and circumstance that is found in the cities, towns, and neighborhoods of our country. We are a meeting place for Americans seeking common ground and collective action to strengthen our democracy.

We maintain our independence from all political parties and labels. Yes, we are non-partisan, but being non-partisan does not mean we will not take positions. It means that Coffee Party members will arrive at positions based on principles and facts; not on party affiliation. By seeking and spreading accurate information, we empower ourselves to take action and participate in government based on informed decisions.

The Coffee Party provides a place where men and women of all ages, races, physical abilities, and orientations can come together for a respectful and honest exchange of ideas. We believe that by talking and learning together - we can take action to solve the problems facing our nation. Along with national goals, we encourage Coffee Party chapters across the country to pursue local and regional projects chosen by their members.

As voters and grassroots volunteers, we understand that the federal government is not our enemy, but the expression of our collective will – and we pledge to both support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them. The Coffee Party USA believes that the influence of money, and the politics of fear and exclusion, stand in the way of a government "of, by and for the people."

We believe in the Constitution and 'the common good', and will work to ensure that the voices of the people - not the power of the dollar - decide the policies and the direction of our nation.

Our love of country is not based on division. It is founded on our shared belief in democracy, equality, liberty, and justice. These are the ideals that define us as a nation. This is the heritage we wish to pass on to future generations.


Titusville is a wonderfully varied community.

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