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Cape Canaveral Lighthouse 1844 Site
Archaeological Survey

In 2005 the 45th Space Wing contracted the US Army Corp of Engineers to conduct an archaeological survey and assessment of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse sites on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Later that year, the Indian River Anthropological Society (IRAS) was asked by the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation (CCLF) to assist them with collected fragmented brick from the original lighthouse site to be used later in restoration efforts at the current lighthouse site. During the site visit the original 1844 lighthouse walls and foundation were exposed and was briefly examined by the IRAS and CCLF.

Inspecting 1844 Cape Canaveral Lighthouse wall Collecting bricks
Inspecting 1844 lighthouse wall. Collecting bricks.
1844 lighthouse wall segment Close up of lighthouse wall segment
1844 lighthouse wall segment. Close up of lighthouse wall segment.

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