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For 4-H clubs and programs in North Brevard
call Vanessa at 321-633-1702 ext. 231. or Sarah at ext. 229.

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  4-H is a fun, educational program for young people, ages 5-18. 4-H has something for everyone and anyone can join.

  4-H membership is $10.00/year ($15.00 next year). Some project materials and activities have a cost.

  Joining a 4-H club is a great way to have fun, learn new things and meet people. Clubs meet in schools, community centers or at a 4-H volunteer's home.

  What's great about 4-H are the many ways to get involved and participate. The best way to determine what's right for you is to contact the 4-H office at 321-633-1702, ext. 231 or 229.

4-H is happening

The power of 4-H
Currently we have two horse clubs, one poultry and rabbit club, one community club, and one gardening afterschool club in the Mims/Titusville area.

Youth who participate in 4-H can exhibit at the Brevard County Fair.

What do you want to learn?

  4-H Clubs were in eight North Brevard Schools this past year meeting after school with volunteer leaders. Other Titusville area clubs met in the 4-H office and in community buildings. Some clubs meet immediately after school while others met in the evenings.

  Club activities include marine science, sewing, animal science, electric projects, breads, foods and nutrition projects, consumer education, poster construction, horse projects, citizenship, citrus projects, leadership, community pride projects and many more.

The 4-H experience

4-H More than you ever imagined.   Some Titusville area 4-H members are involved in special interest workshops which are held on holidays, Saturdays, or in the summer. These include Marine Science day camp held the second weeks of June and July at the 4-H office in Titusville, shooting sports workshops, citrus workshops, animal judging and training, and sewing workshops.

  North Brevard 4-H members participate in County, state, and Central Florida fairs. Entering contest ranging from animal judging, consumer judging, baking, making exhibits, aquarium contests, electric circuitboard contest, citrus growing contest, fashion shows and showing animals 4-H member raised.

  4-H members learn how to give demonstrations and participate in county, district and state competitions. Members who are 14 and older have the opportunity to go to state congress in Gainsville and participate in public speaking, demonstration, share the fun, automotive driving, marine judging and fashion shows.


4-H dish garderers       4-H Members create horticulture, home ec., electrical and animal entries for the fair. Here 4-Hers make dish gardens for their entry where they won blue ribbons.
Samsons Island 4-H project
4-H members learn to serve their community through a variety of Community Service projects they plan and carry out. Here a group have just finished a work day on Samsons Island in the Banana River. Part of a Community Pride Project they placed first in the state on in July 2000. Members are still continuing to maintain the scrub section of the island.

  4-H members also may participate in 4-H state Legislature in Tallahassee, 4-H member exchange programs, state poster contests, photography contests and horsemanship training and much more.

  North Brevard members are active members of the Brevard County 4-H Council and plan and participate in County Commissioners meeting visits, Government center tours, Justice Center Tours, officers training, Citizenship parties and activities, district council activities, Jr Congress and Sr Retreats.

So, how do you join 4-H?

  4-H Clubs are reorganized in August. New clubs will be formed in some schools and neighborhoods. New volunteers are welcome and needed to lead clubs, teach specific areas and judge at some events.

  4-H is a part of the University of Florida and the County Cooperative Extension Service. Join us and become part of a great team as a member or volunteer.

  Contact Vanessa at 321-633-1702 ext. 231 or Sarah at ext. 229 .

4-H sewing project       Members sew their garments and enter them in fashion shows in the county at the state fair in Tampa and at Central Florida Fair. Here three of last yeast state winners show off their ribbons after the show.
4-H share the fun costumes
Each year clubs and individual 4-H members compete in a share the fun activity bringing out members in all kinds of costumes for lots of fun! Fun! Fun! Here members still in costume show the ribbon they received for their skit.
4-Hers go canoeing
Summer and marine science clubs bring 4-H members into the out of doors where they learn about the environment and learn to canoe. Here they are paddling back from a spoil island where they picked up trash and made educational discoveries about the plants and water there.

  To volunteer call  
Vanessa Spero-Swingle at 321-633-1702 ext. 231 or Sarah Schleser at ext. 229.

The 4-H program



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