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The Space Coast Wilderness Club is no longer meeting.
We suggest that you get in touch with the following:
Indian River Chapter of the Florida Trails Association
Patrick Pacers Volkssport Club
Both operate out of South Brevard, and do different, but very enjoyable hikes; and are great people.
Another source of information is Historic Hiking Trails. Follow the links to interesting guides for hikes in Titusville, Christmas, Cocoa/Rockledge and Cape Canaveral/Cocoa Beach.
Wilderness Trekkers
If you are interested in participating
in outdoor activities
with North Brevard people,
please call: John Willis

We leave the following information in memory of the good times we had together, and in the hope that it will inspire others to get together to enjoy the out of doors.

There is lots of great hiking and other outdoor activities here in North Brevard.
Check out our award winning website:
Ecotourism on Florida's Space Coast
Space Coast Hiking
Titusville Outdoors - Hiking Trails

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Edible Plants
Learning Edible Plants
The Space Coast Wilderness Club is a group of mature adults who like outdoor activities away from a technical society. The group is composed of people from all walks of life. Current members might be a nurse, engineer, chef, carpenter, secretary, teacher, or housewife.
Canoeing the Oklawaha
Not all members have the same interests. Some like to hike or canoe, and others just like to sit around the campfire and whittle. Other activities include camping, swimming, owl prowls, etc.

Having good survival skills makes us all more comfortable and secure.

Corn & Cobbler
Meals on weekend campouts are varied and interesting. Sometimes group meals are planned for weekend campouts with various members serving as master chefs. You haven't lived until you have savored one of John's breakfast omelets made to order or Dave's grilled garlic pork. While Dee makes a delicious peach cobbler and Dick's macaroni salad is the best. At other campouts each individual person or family is responsible for their own meals. 

A wide variety of cooking methods are used by the group including charcoal grilling, box oven baking, open pit wood fire, Dutch Ovens, camp stoves, etc.

Some members use their ingenuity and skills to cook an egg on a stick or boil water in paper bags.

Oklawaha Camp
Chowing & Chatting
Sometimes we are challenged to see how little camp gear we really need to take with us, and other times we organize our gear to have all the comforts of the camping professional!

Past campout sites include:

  • the Oklawaha Outpost
  • Tomoka Park
  • Juniper Springs
  • Manatee Hammock
  • Faver Dykes
  • Goldhead Branch, etc.
But, it's not an official camping trip unless it rains!

Civic Activities of the group include trail clearing in wilderness areas and campsite maintenance. Some members teach survival skills and others are scout leaders.

Take nothing but pictures;
                   leave nothing but footprints.


Titusville is a wonderfully varied community.

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