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Senator Wayne Morse & the "Regional School Bill"

Mims, Fla. 31 May 1948

Honorable Wayne Morse
United States Senate
Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir:

Negro citizens of Florida followed with keen interest your recent fight against the passage of the Regional School Bill that was sponsored by the Southern Governor's Conference.

From the beginning it has been quite evident to us that this proposal is merely a scheme to circumvent recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court in cases against the University of Missouri and the University of Oklahoma. This is just another effort to expand and perpetuate a segregated school system that has always denied to our people the equal educational opportunities guaranteed by the Constitution. Although our southern governors and congressmen profess deep interest in providing better educational advantages for our people, we fully realize that Negroes will never enjoy complete equality of educational opportunities under a segregated school system. Those of us who have spent all of our lives in the South know that there is no such thing as "separate but equal". So long as two tables are set, there is bound to be a little better food on one than there is on the other.

We are very grateful to you for your determined stand against this unfair proposal, and we solicit your continued support in our fight for justice and equality under the law.

Respectfully yours,

HarryT. Moore, Executive Secretary
Florida State Conference, NAACP
Proressive Voters' League of Florida


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