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Reprinted from 1952 EBONY (EBONY November, 1975)
THE BOMB SLAYING of the Harry T. Moores in Florida touched off a wave of bombings throughout the South not all of them aimed at Negroes.

Near Oxford, N. C., a new home being built by wealthy Negro farmer Sanford Holding was blasted by two dynamite charges. The home was located on property which Holding bought from an estate and had once been the site of a white Methodist church. Jealous whites were blamed.

In Dallas, TX, an explosion rocked the Gold Coast Club, a night spot operated by Negroes in an area which was recently all white. No one was injured in the blast, the third successive Saturday night bombing in Dallas.

Alabama saw several bombings. In Phoenix City, the home of a white anti-vice crusader was blasted and in Dothan a teen-age son of a white tenant farmer dynamited a woman's home to prevent her from testifying in a morals case against a friend.

A Negro social club in Rome, Ga. was bombed while a party was in progress. Three white men were captured (two by the party-goers immediately following the blast and the third by police shortly afterwards) and confessed they had detonated the bomb to frighten the Negroes into closing."

Extra precautions were taken at almost every gathering of Negroes, Jews and Catholics in Florida with guards being placed at synagogues, Catholic churches and Negro meeting places.

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