Titusville, Florida's Centennial Celebration - 1967/

Titusville, Florida Centennial — 1867-1967
Historical Booklet and Program
Countdown In History


Before The White Man
Chapter 1
Exploration Chapter 2
Settlement Of Brevard Chapter 3
Civil War and Reconstruction Chapter 4
The Early Settlers Of La Grange And Surrounding Communities Chapter 5
Colonel Henry T. Titus Chapter 6
Commercial Development Chapter 7
Civic, Health and Community Organization Chapter 8 (undeveloped)
Recreation Chapter 9
The Boom And War Years Chapter 10
The Space Industry Chapter 11
Churches and Organizations Chapter 12
Civic Development Chapter 13
Ending Chapter 14
Credits and Program Chapter 15
Note: Because of some misplaced pages in the program, some chapters here are in a different order than in the program.

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