2005 Smilin' Jack Fly-In - Titusville Florida
©2005 Larry Gilbert

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05 tent erection 2 Bob Trumpolt w Champ 05 Courtney and MOnica #10004 J
05 tent erection 2.jpg Bob Trumpolt w Champ 05.jpg Courtney and MOnica #10004.jpg J.jpg
Kathy and Jerry Larry and Courtney 1st flt Neale salutes PICT0004
Kathy and Jerry.jpg Larry and Courtney 1st flt.jpg Neale salutes.jpg PICT0004.jpg
PICT0005 PICT0006 PICT0007 SeaRey day the wings#10014
PICT0005.jpg PICT0006.jpg PICT0007.jpg SeaRey day the wings#10014.jpg