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Ecotourism on Florida's Space Coast


by Sandra Hines, Park Ranger, Canaveral National Seashore
Seining at Canaveral National SeashoreA rewarding part of my work as a Park Ranger is the letters we receive from the children who come to the park with their teachers and classmates. From the letters we learn what has left an impression on the children and what part of the program the enjoyed the most.

Park Volunteers play a vital role in our programs and we explain to the children the important role volunteers play in the park program. Usually the child's letter reflects the appreciation they have for the park, for volunteers, and their work. The child whose letter follows, had the opportunity to visit Canaveral National Seashore and Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge on the day of her trip. As with many visitors her memories are intermingled. Since we don't have a program where we demonstrate fire, her letter puzzled me and I wondered what story the volunteer that day had told the children. It wasn't until the end of her letter that I had the answer to my question.

"Dear Seashore Voulenters,

Thanks for helping out! I bet you do alot more cool stuff around there. All the endangered animals, and about the dunes. I also enjoyed the show on fire, when you demonstrated with the candles. My favorit part was the lagoon activitie. The little flounder my group caught was so cute! I wish I could have caught a seahorse. When you told us about turtles, that was pretty cool. It is very important to keep nets on the turtle nests. (About the fire thing, that was at the Wildlife refuge, sorry I forgot.) I learned a lot about turtles, what's in the lagoon water, and the dunes. Everything you guys put into helping us was really nice."

Stacey S.

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