Ministry of Presence

you can be a vital part of
The Special Gathering
A ministry within the mentally challenged community.

We need you.

Come, attend our program and minister to us by becoming our friend.
No responsibilities
No duties
Two to twelve times a year

  • The Special Gathering is a ministry within the developmentally and intellectually disabled community.

  • We believe that mentally challenged persons need to interact and be with "ordinary" people. We also believe that "ordinary" people need to interact and be with mentally challenged persons.

  • We need your help in establishing a bridge between church and the mentally challenged community. You can do this by having a "Ministry of Presence." Come to The Special Gathering in your area on some regularly scheduled basis (i.e. third Sunday of each month, second Sunday of every other month, etc.) and just be.

  • Over time we hope that you can develop friendships within The Special Gathering, and think of ways of including mentally challenged persons in your local church (such as, youth groups, socials, church dinners).

  • The church is made up of many members with different gifts and abilities. The church needs the gifts that mentally challenged persons can bring.

In Brevard County, three programs meet each Sunday
Titusville -- Cocoa -- Melbourne
Call 321-632-0130 for information
Or eMail us at

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