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Old Welcome To Titusville sign.

Welcome to Titusville
Gateway - Indian River

This vintage sign probably dates back to the 1930s -1940s, as indicated by the style of hand painted graphics. Probable locations where the sign would have "welcomed" tourists or visitors to the City - US 1 and the Indian River, as they were the two main routes into Titusville at the time. If anyone knows where this sign was originally located, please contact the City or the Foundation.

This is the story of how this "hidden treasure" was discovered (a photo has been submitted).

Sometime during 1953-1954, Titusville resident Prescott Smith installed the tin sign as a wall between his tool room and boat shed. The 6ft. x 10ft. tin sign was in two parts, running end-to-end spanning an area 3ft. high x 20ft. long. The side of the sign that was visible in the boat shed was blank, and gave no clue to what was on the reverse side. In front of the sign and running the entire length of room were freestanding cabinets and shelves where Smith kept his tools, fishing gear, and an assortment of auto parts. Although Smith's children were in and out of the tool room often, the sign went unnoticed.

Smith's son discovered the sign in the spring of 2008 when he began to disassemble the tool room and boat shed. This vintage sign had been safely "hidden" as a wall and preserved as a vital part of Titusville history for over 50 years.

In January 2009, the family of Prescott David and Theo Smith placed the sign "on loan" to the North Brevard Heritage Foundation, Inc. The Foundation has the family's permission to exhibit the sign and conduct research to discover the original purpose and location.

The old City sign and motto expresses an association with the beautiful Indian River and the citrus industry of yesterday. Today we should promote our connectivity to our abundant natural resources, a long and interesting history, and Space exploration. "Welcome to Titusville - Gateway to the Indian River and Space."

The NBHF has placed this historic "Welcome to Titusville" sign in the lobby of the government building on South St. There is a plaque with the account of how we found the sign and background of where it was located. We are trying to find out where it was originally located in Titusville.

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