Friends of Titusville Public Library

Titusville Florida Public Library lobby


2121 S. Hopkins Ave.
Titusville, FL 32780

Mary Toupin, Director
Lena Stouppe, Head of Adult Services
Karen Dreschel, Head of Youth Services

Library Hours
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Services of the Titusville Library

The Reference Desk is the place for patrons to go with questions of any type. We help patrons reserve books and movies. We help with computer questions. We find phone numbers, addresses and information on schedules of events. We also help direct patrons to the resources that can fix their problems or find answers if we are unable to directly.

Circulation: regular print books, large print books, audiobooks, DVD and VHS movies, eBooks, eAudiobooks, newspapers & magazines and paintings

Nancy C. Sieck Genealogical Room: home to a goodly collection of genealogy books and reference materials. Volunteers are available on Thursday mornings to assist with research. We also subscribe to which is available on all library computers.

Faxing services: $1.00 per page with a limit of 30 pages per day per patron. Resumes and job applications are faxed at no charge.

Visually or physically disabled patrons: Our Talking Books collection provides books on audiocassettes, records and in Braille which can also be delivered to homebound patrons.

Proctoring services: Provided by the Reference Desk for $10 per exam.

Wireless internet: Free during business hours.

More than 20 computers are available: Use in the library for up to 6 hours a day per patron. All of our computers print in Black & White and Color. Color printing is 50 cents per page and Black & White is 10 cents per page. Photocopying is available at the same prices.

Visually disabled patrons: Access to an ADA computer with a large screen and magnification capabilities.

Three study/meeting rooms: Available for small groups to meet. We request that you reserve them ahead of time so call the library to be added to the schedule.

The Hannemann room: Holds up to 200 people or can be split to accommodate 100 people each for larger groups. Hannemann A features a small kitchenette, while Hannemann B features a grand piano.

Children's story times and special activities: Throughout each month.

Staff in the children's area: Provide assistance with selecting materials for the Accelerated Reader program or just finding books with an appropriate reading level

Craft classes and book clubs for adults: Subjects and times may change check the schedule.

The United Way Navigator is at the library on Thursdays from 11am - 4pm to help people sign up for Health Insurance under the Affordable Health Care Act. Make appointments by calling 2-1-1.

Second Harvest helps people sign up for ACCESS Florida benefits on Tuesdays from 9am - 2pm on a first come, first served basis.

Book Discussion Group
Titusville Public Library offers a book discussion group that meets at 2pm on Thursday. They usually meet the third week of the month but since this varies please call the reference desk at 264-5026 for meeting information.

The group reads a variety of both fiction and nonfiction books. Some of the recent books read by the Monday night group included The Shack, The Secret and Babylon Sisters. Some of the Thursday books were People of the Book, A Lesson before Dying and Firefly Lane. Refreshments are served. Everyone is welcome. See the schedule below.

The Genealogical Society of North Brevard
The Genealogical Society of North Brevard is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of furthering the knowledge of and helping in the pursuit of one's family history. Our society meets on the first Tuesday of each month, except for July and August, at 6:00 pm in the Hannemann Room of the Titusville Public Library. The Programs for the meeting consist of historical subjects of interest or instructional programs to improve research techniques. Some programs this year have been: "How to Use Genealogical Software," How to Research Using " and "History of the Last Naval Battle of the American Revolution.

The Nancy Sieck Memorial Genealogy Area is a part of the Titusville Library. It holds over 2200 genealogy books, over l00 periodicals, microfiche and film. Volunteers are in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help with research. DETAILS

Flyers detailing our Summer Programs & Meetings

Sponsored by the Library and the Friends

The following programs will be offered to the public.

Adult Services

June, 2015

  • Instructional Line Dancing, Wednesdays, 12pm. Fee $4.00/class. ($2.00/class-Seniors(55+)
CarePlus Educational Seminar: Medicare Decisions Made Easy.
6/8,6pm All Things Cooking Club
6/9,6pm Evening Writing Club
6/10,9am iPad Basics Class. Free. Sign up in Reference.
6/10,10:30am Android Tablet Basics Class. Free. Sign up in Reference.
6/11,2pm Afternoon Book Club. See Reference for book selection.
6/13,2pm The Medium Within. Mediumship presentation/demonstration with John Rogers.
6/14,2-4pm Friends of the Titusville Library, Flag Day Picnic and Membership Drive.
6/18,10am-Noon Beading Class with Normandie. Paper Beads and Bracelet. Fee $15. Sign Up in Reference.
6/22,2pm Afternoon Writing Club
6/27,9-12am Tablet Clinic. Free. 30-minute appointment slots. Sign up in Reference

July, 2015

  • Instructional Line Dancing, Wednesdays, 12pm. Fee $4.00/class. ($2.00/class-Seniors(55+)

7/9 - 2pm
Afternoon Book Club. See Reference for book selection
7/13 - 6pm All Things Cooking Club
7/14 - 6pm Evening Writing Club
7/16 - 10am Noon.Beading Class with Normandie.4 Pair of Earrings. Fee: $15. Sign Up in Reference.
7/27 - 2pm Afternoon Writing Club

* Cooking Club: Are you truly EPICURIOUS? Are you a bonifide FOODIE? If so, come check us out. We will meet once a month to exchange cooking techniques, recipes, and ideas for entertaining. There will also be light refreshments!

** Writing Club: Do you enjoy writing fictional works, poems or other short stories? Join us to talk about the writing craft and share our work! We welcome writers of all levels from published authors to beginners.

Flyers detailing our Summer Programs & Meetings

Youth Services

June, 2015

Toddler Story Time, Wednesdays at 10 am. Ages 2-3
Preschool Story Time, Wednesdays at 11 am. Ages 3-5
Infant Story Time, Thursdays at 10 am. Ages up to 2 years
Reading Logs and Reading Challenge Information is available in Youth Services beginning Monday, 6/1.


6/11, 2:30 pm. Ages 3-12.Kickoff Party – "Every Hero Has a Story", special guest, Big Idea Balloons with a special Magic Show. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library. Event is Free. Registration begins May 28
6/16, 1pm Ages 5-8.Tuesday Crafts."Super Start."Captain America Shields. Limited Space.Event is Free.Registration begins June 2.
6/16, 2pm Ages 9-12.Tuesday Crafts."Super Start."Super Hero Banks.Limited Space.Event is Free. Registration begins June 2.
6/16, 6:30pm All ages welcome."Father's Day"Puppet Show,featuring The Empty Pot and Many Moons.Refreshments will be served.Registration begins June 2.
6/17, 2:30pm For Teens."Paper Towns" Book Club. We'll talk about the book, make a craft related to the book and have refreshments. Registration begins June 3
6/18, 2:30pm Ages 3-12.Main Event."Super Armour," with special guest, Jiggleman. Registration begins June4.
6/23, 1pm Ages 5-8.Tuesday Crafts."Art for Art's Sake." Bubble Painting. Limited Space. Event is Free. Registration begins June 9.
6/23, 2pm Ages 9-12.Tuesday Crafts. "Art for Art's Sake." Egg Shell Mosaic. Limited Space. Event is Free. Registration begins June 9.
6/24, 2:30pm Teen Craft.Make Superhero Shrinky Dinks. Necklace or Pin.Event is Free. Registration begins June 10.
6/25, 2:30pm Ages 3-12. Main Event. "Art for Art's Sake." With special guest, "Ballet Esprit," a company of beautiful ballet dancers sharing their love of classical ballet.Registration begins June 11.
6/30, 1pm Ages 5-8.Tuesday Crafts."Superhero Sidekicks."Toy Superhero Cape. Limited Space. Event is Free. Registration begins June 16.
6/30, 2pm Ages 9-12.Tuesday Crafts. "Superhero Sidekicks." Ironman Painting. Limited Space. Event is Free. Registration begins June 16.

July, 2015

Toddler Story Time, Wednesdays at 10 am. Ages 2-3
Preschool Story Time, Wednesdays at 11 am. Ages 3-5
Infant Story Time, Thursdays at 10 am. Ages up to 2 years

Special Events:

7/1 - 2:30pm
Teen Craft. Make Super Hero Pillows. Event is Free. Registration begins June 17.
7/2 - 2:30 pm Ages 3-12 . Main Event. "Recycle Often, Recycle Right," with special guest Hillary Arena. Event is Free. Registration begins June 25
7/7 - 1pm Ages 5-8.Tuesday Crafts."Superheroes I."Jet Packs. Limited Space.Event is Free.Registration begins June 23.
7/7 - 2pm Ages 9-12.Tuesday Crafts."Superheroes I."Super Hero Finger Puppets.Limited Space.Event is Free. Registration begins June 23.
7/7 - 6:30pm All Ages."Every Hero Has a Story" Puppet Show. Princesses Are Not Quitters and The Reluctant Dragon. Refreshments served. Registration begins June 23.
7/8 - 2:30pm Teen Craft.Make Glass Pendants.Event is Free. Registration begins June 24
7/9 - 2:30pm Main Event."Superhero Beats," with special guest, Brian Slawson, "Boomer Beats." Event is Free. Registration begins July 2.
7/14 - 1pm Ages 5-8.Tuesday Crafts."Animal Heroes." Balto Paper Model with Sled. Limited Space. Event is Free. Registration begins June 30.
7/14 - 2pm Ages 9-12. Tuesday Crafts."Animal Heroes." Balto Dot Painting. Limited Space.Event is Free. Registration begins June 30.
7/15 - 2:30pm Teen Crafts. Paint Library Book Ends. Event is Free. Registration begins July 1.
7/16 - 2:30pm Main Event, "Nature's Superheroes," with special guests-Owls from the Florida Wildlife Hospital.Event is free. Registration begins July 2.
7/17 - 2:30pm All Ages.Space Coast Therapy Dogs. Come meet these great dogs and learn all about taking care of your special pet. Event is Free
7/20 - 4:30pm (Ages 9-16) Young Writer's Group. Bring a notebook/paper and something to write with.
7/21 - 1pm Ages 5-8.Tuesday Crafts."Superheroes II," Superhero Capes.Limited Space. Event is Free. Registration begins July 7.
7/21 - 2pm Ages 9-12.Tuesday Crafts."Superheroes II," Superhero Rings.Limited Space.Event is Free.Registration begins July 7.
7/22 - 2:30pm Teen Crafts. Make Superhero or Tardis Models.Event is Free. Registration begins July 8
7/23 - 2:30pm Main Event,"Super Magic," with special guest, Dr. Dan. Event is free.Registration begins July 9.
7/28 - 1pm Ages 5-8.Tuesday Crafts "Cowabunga."Toilet Roll Ninjas Event is Free. Registration begins July 14.
7/28 - 2pm Ages 9-12.Tuesday Crafts". Cowabunga."Straw Ninjas.Event is Free.Registration begins July 14.
7/30 - 2:30pm Main Event, "Party Like a Super Hero" Finale Party. Games, Prizes, Refreshments. Library Store is open – Last chance to spend Book Bucks. Event is Free. Registration begins July 16.
Mary Lena Stouppe
Adult Services/Reference
[email protected]

Karen Dreschel
Youth Services
[email protected]
Titusville Public Library
Mary Toupin, Director
2121 S. Hopkins Ave.
Titusville, FL 32780
(321) 264-5026
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Information about the Friends of the Titusville Library

We have several levels of membership.
  • Individual is $5 per year.
  • Student is $3/yr.
  • Sponsor is $25/yr.
  • Patron is $50/yr.
  • Organizational or corporate membership is $100/yr.
  • Individual Lifetime membership is $200.
  • Organizational or corporate Lifetime membership is $1000.
  • The membership year is from Oct. 1st - Sept. 30th.
  • General Membership Meeting is in October.
  • Our annual meeting with the election of officers is held in October.
    Library entrance from parking lot.

Children's section of the Titusville Florida Public Library
The Friends President is Joe Dunn.

Please check our newsletter or call the Library for exact times and locations of upcoming meetings and events.

Projects funded by the Friends include purchasing books, videos, etc. for the library's collections. We purchase equipment & supplies. We fund speakers and refreshments for programs. Kingdom Animalia, a program for children [5-12], is funded by the Friends.

Some of the fund raising activities the Friends have conducted include book and rummage sales, fashion shows, cardlgame parties, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact our Library Director, Mary Toupin, at 264-5026. Thank you for you interest in the Friends.


3615 Lionel Road
Mims, FL 32754


6500 Carole Avenue
Port St. John, FL 32927


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