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North Brevard Coalition of Human Services

North Brevard Coalition of Human Services
416 Pine Street, Titusville, FL 32796

Foster Care Task Force

Meetings: 3rd Wednesdays 11-12noon

Brevard Family Partnership
Foster Parent
Information Series

May 15, Aug. 14 & Nov. 6, 2017

November, 2017
August, 2017
July, 2017

Jennifer Taylor
Indian River City United Methodist Church
Barry Russell Lead Pastor, The Grove Church
Lisa Malizz Foster care parent & church program exp.
Marie Hunsaker St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
Lisa Haferkamp Healthy Start Brevard
Susan Rushin Brevard Cares
Katherine Linder Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Cheryl Anteau Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Sally Shinn Brevard Public Schools
Donna Akins Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Zoila Hidy Sunshine Health
Roben Dunnings Amerigroup Insurance
Kim Severson Beta of Titusville
Laura Higginbotham Devereux
Mitzi Kremer Tigh YMCA Titusville

November 15, 2017
Foster Care Taskforce: Meeting November 15 at 11:30am. There are ways for people to serve with the HUGS program (document to come) opportunities and roles to share.

January 20, 2016 Minutes:
Foster Care: Chair-Jennifer Taylor: Goal-to raise awareness of the need for Foster Homes in the North Brevard County area. A 1 and 3 minute video speak to the positive and difficult challenges that foster care entails. The statistics of children needing to be placed in foster homes are staggering. For instance there has been a 29% increase in placements and only a 2% increase in the number of foster homes. Children are usually removed from the home after multiple incidences of exposure to substance abuse and violence and where there is no resolution. When children are removed from their home in No. Brevard they are being placed in homes in Central or South Brevard County, away from all familiar family, school and supports. The Task Force is working toward communicating the need to faith communities to increase awareness. We are partnering with Brevard Family Partnership and with Baptist Children's Home.


Malizzi Family (Brevard Family Partnership) You Tube
Click to view the You Tube video.

Thank you Malizzi Family for sharing your story! Thanks also to "He Makes Us One" in the partnership in this video! Check out their website

Click to view Family is Important video
Click to view Brevard Family Partnership video.

We are working toward a video of 3 families who have fostered. We are gathering a list of materials and resources on Foster Care. Goal is 5 new foster homes in North Brevard County.
We last met on April 15th and heard a presentation by Devereux, the oversight organization for Foster Care along with a personal account of being a Foster Parent.

The team decided it best to develop a video that can be shown in our local churches to help families understand from the experienced parent perspective the joys and realistic challenges of being a Foster Parent before there is any agency education. We want to draw the families to accepting and loving these children. Barry Russell offered to provide a videographer for these efforts. Three families have agreed to participate in the video and Barry drafted an outline of the material we want to capture.