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North Brevard Mural Society Inc.

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The North Brevard Mural Society, Inc., a non-profit 501c33 organization, thanks you for your interest in the creation of an outdoor mural in the City of Titusville. Mural projects are an investment in our community that goes far beyond tourism, improved aesthetics, increased business traffic and building occupancy. Murals are an investment in a city's unique identity and its cultural cohesiveness, and contribute to its public art.

The North Brevard Mural Society will bring public art in the form of murals to the downtown area of Titusville in late 2015. Coordination and assistance includes, but is not limited to: identifying potential mural sites; securing the required private funds and/or in-kind contributions from individuals, foundations, businesses and other corporate donors; coordinating reviews and artist recommendations; negotiating and finalizing the contracts with building owner(s), artist(s), and donor(s); coordinating the creation and completion of murals; and providing mural dedications.

Why create a mural? The benefits of murals are plentiful! They beautify and enhance an area, boost the local economy and foster community partnerships and pride! Above all, they are fun! The North Brevard Mural Society looks forward to assisting artists, community organizations, business and property owners, as well as arts and heritage organizations, by bringing their story to our walls that talk and tell amazing stories! Please join us in pictorially preserving and celebrating the art, history and culture of North Brevard County while increasing the charm and character of our city for residents and visitors alike. We look forward to working with you and seeing visitors and locals alike visiting out downtown and viewing our walls that talk and tell a story!


North Brevard Mural Society, Inc. is organized for charitable and educational intent to preserve history, community enhancement and promote tourism through public outdoor art.

The purpose of this corporation is:

  1. To offer outdoor art as a vehicle to increase tourism and enhance the local economy of Downtown Titusville and North Brevard County.
  2. Honor and preserve our local history, as well as the cultural and nature aspects of our area through artistic expression and community involvement.
  3. To bring art to the area as a way to foster community pride and enrichment of North Brevard County.

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North Brevard Mural Society Inc.

December 3, 2015

Our community is clearly excited and eager to see the mural project succeed. The North Brevard Mural Society is currently in discussions with potential building owners to bring additional walls that will talk and tell stories to visitors and locals alike in Downtown Titusville. We are grateful for everyone's support.

You may ask how you can help? The North Brevard Mural Society relies upon donations from individuals, corporations and organizations. Everyone can be a part of the excitement by supporting our project with a one-time gift or partner with the society as a full or partial sponsor. No matter the size, all gifts combined with the gifts of others, will greatly expand our mural program.

Sponsorships vary according to size and content. Our artist pool includes local and visiting professionals who exhibit the ability to produce large scale art. A maintenance program will keep our murals vibrant for viewing for years to come.

The North Brevard Mural Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to showing the arts are alive in our area, preserving history, promoting tourism and fostering community pride by bringing a gallery of public art for people of all ages to enjoy every day of the year.

The perfect gift? A gift to your community that will keep on giving, 365 days a year. We invite everyone to be a permanent part of this lasting legacy!

For more information please contact: Reva Harris, Chairperson at 321-376-8859 or