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Lois Harris

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Armand De Flippo


Sea Rocket's monthly meetings are held at The Enchanted Forest Sanctuary, 444 Columbia Blvd, Titusville, FL 32780. Phone: 321-264-5185

Sea Rocket monthly meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. Please email Lois Harris at for meeting information:.

All Sea Rocket meetings and activities are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Sea Rocket Chapter serves north and central Brevard County from Scottsmoor to Rockledge and east to Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach.

REMINDER! The Sea Rocket Chapter does not meet in July and August; full programs resume in September.


The purpose of the Florida Native Plant Society ~ Sea Rocket Chapter is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida, primarily through education and community outreach.

Monthly guest speakers provide programs on a variety of topics relevant to the mission of the Sea Rocket Chapter. Please view the current Sea Rocket newsletter for program information.

Monthly field trips to conservation lands in central Florida are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. View upcoming field trip information in the current Sea Rocket newsletter.

Sea Rocket Chapter volunteers maintain a native plant nursery and sell plants to the public at events throughout the year; for information on volunteer work email Lois Harris at

Recent improvements to our nursery

Date Line 11-11-16
Whew! The prototype water table has been completed. The table stands about 4 ft. high. It is 4 ft wide by 8 ft long, and 1 inch deep. The 1 inch is the allowed water level that will keep the plants moist. Why water from the bottom? The ground water we use at the nursery is full of iron. When we water the plants the iron deposits coat the leaves, cutting out the sun, thus killing the plants. By watering from the bottom the leaves will not get coated with iron oxide, and the plants will hopefully thrive. This table is a prototype to test the feasibility of following on with this method. The table is level within reason, the plastic is solid, and the plants are drinking, as required.

Our new

Today, 11-10-16, I saw "Nursery Nan" back in her burrow. I call her "Nan" because I've been told she is a girl tort. She was gone for a couple months but thankfully has returned.

Nursery Nan

11/16 - A recent addition to our Nursery is the "Water table". The reason for this table is because of the ground water quality we use to water our plants. Originally our water quality was poor at 3600 ppm salt. Many of our plants could not tolerate this level of salinity. The Board decided to sink another well, about 60 feet for salt free water. We did, and we got salt free water, BUT it was loaded with iron. O.K, I thought, not a problem. Not so, heavy iron content as we have is a problem. It coats the leaves of our plants with iron stain and cuts off the sun from their photosynthesis factories. No photosynthesis, no life. We were losing our plants to an artificial night. The object with this table is to have the plants sitting in water, maybe one inch layer of it. No water will coat the leaves. But will water from beneath

Sea Rocket's water table.

4/16 - The temperatures can get pretty high in the greenhouse, which is not good for the young and tender sprouts and rehabilitating plants the greenhouse is expected to house. We had shade cloth for over a year, but it too succumbed to the brutal Florida sun. Nothing we did seemed to tame the brutal heat built up in this structure. Sea Rocket abandoned use of the greenhouse idea. Eventually the County sold it and put in a storage building.

The Sea Rocket Chapter display and native plant sales at Earth Day Family Fun Festivals in Titusville's Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary.
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Note: All future plans can change presently. If in doubt, verify the date and times are accurate. Page numbers below refer to the newsletter.
GUIDED NATURE HIKES - 10:00am - the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary. Bring hat, water and walking shoes. Groups of 5 or more, please RSVP. For more information, please call 321-264-5185.
FNPS Sea Rocket Chapter Nursery Workday — 9am-12noon, email Lois at for further info and schedule.
April 1,15 EFS Saturday in the Garden from 9 AM to noon. We invite volunteers to work in the nursery, and at the Gardens. If you want to learn about native plants, first hand, come join us. Bring a hat, water, gloves, and stable shoes.
April 5 FTA Hike- Ulumay Sanctuary, meet at new Sam's Club in Cocoa at I-95 and Hwy 520 at 8:30 am.
April 8 Field Trip to Fox Lake, from 9:00 am to noon. Hosted by Dr Schmalzer. See page 8 for directions and all the details.
April 10 Gopher Tortoise Day—Have you hugged a "gopher" today? Well don't they are Federally protected. Enchanted Forest have several "gophers" that may just be out sunning themselves.
April 12 FTA Hike - Prairie Lakes Trail - meet at Sams Discount Club at 4255 West in Melbourne at 8:30 am. $6.00 per car entry fee applies.
April 12-14 FLorida Exotic Pest Plant Control (FLEPPC) Annual Conference theme, "The Walking Weeds." Will be held at the Crowne Plaza Oceanfront in Melbourne, Florida All natural resource professionals will benefit from the Information exchange and networking opportunities afforded by this conference. CEUs will be offered in several categories. The agenda will feature research and management presentations, technical field trips, and a vendor product display. Register Here
April 17-22 FNPS is heading to North Alabama. Pack your bags for April 17th - 22nd and join us on this amazing tour of the biological wonders of our southern neighbor. Sign up today to reserve your seat on this limited capacity tour. First come, first served! For more information contact Devon Higgenbotham at 813-478-1183 or
April 19 FTA Hike - Enchanted Forest - meet at West entrance of Lowe's parking lot at I-95 and Hwy 50 in Titusville at 8:30 am.
April 22 Earth Day Festival and Native Plant Sale at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary. The festival will have music, food, live animals, Environmental exhibits from across the county. You are invited to come on out and party for the planet.
April 26 Sea Rocket's Monthly General Meeting. We start at 6:30 pm with refreshments and begin the meeting at 7:00. This months featured speaker is Arial Horner, an EEL Naturalist. She will be presenting the would of Amphibians.
April 26 FTA Hike - South Beaches. Meet at Sams Discount Club at 4255 West New Haven in Melbourne at 8:30 am.
April 29 Florida Native Gardening Essentials. From 10:30 at Sams House. Join Landscape Artist, Megan Wilkinson, as she presents on the wonderful native species of Florida that work so very well in all landscaping designs!
May 18-21 Annual Conference at the Westgate River Ranch, River Ranch, Florida. The venue will be the Westgate River Ranch Resort. This upscale dude ranch is in the heart of Florida, just south of SR 60 and south of Lake Kissimmee.
May 20 2017 Secret Garden Tour 9:am to 4 pm. For more information contact KBB office at 321-631-0501

Please send calendar items to David Humphrey at
For a comprehensive view of Sea Rocket activities go to; events, "searocket".

Volunteers are needed all the time to keep the nursery and gardens in top shape. If you think you'd like to be involved, but are new to native plants, no problem! I volunteered with zero knowledge of native plants and have been taught by the best about native plants and how to grow them. If you are interested there are opportunities to learn and be a part helping Florida regain many of it's vanishing plants.

Volunteer opportunities exist for plant sales, or working the nursery, or helping to maintain the various butterfly gardens around the building.. Volunteering is a great chance to learn from the best, and meet and work with master gardeners, and experts in botany, and native plants, .

Current Program! - Ongoing

As explained in the attached PDF, Dr. Teresa Cooper is asking for some help with supplies. She will be speaking at the Sea Rocket June meeting (6-24) about this project. If you can help in any way contact Martha at or myself at and we'll get it to Dr. Cooper. -- David Humphrey

Dr. Teresa Cooper is currently conducting research in the Enchanted Forest for the species Tillandsia utriculata.
Webmaster: Tillandsia utriculata, commonly known as the spreading airplant, is a species of bromeliad that is native to Florida and Georgia in the United States.

Our gardens in the Enchanted Forest
Nature Sanctuary.

Sea Rocket greenhouse in the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary. Inside our Enchanted Forest Sanctuary greenhouse.
Our gardening plot in the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary. Some seedlings in our gardening plot in the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary.

Sea Rocket Chapter Completes Keep Brevard Beautiful Xeriscape Garden

The Sea Rocket Chapter has completed an 800 square foot pollinator garden at Chain-of-Lakes Recreation Area in north Titusville. Keep Brevard Beautiful awarded the Sea Rocket Chapter a Xeriscape Grant earlier this year to help offset some of the costs associated with the garden.

Sea Rocket's contribution to the project exceeded $1,800 in value and included over 140 hours of donated labor and nearly $500 in plant material. Volunteers planted 150 native plants representing 20 species, many of which are butterfly larval host plants.

The two halves of the garden are split by a hardened trail, making it easy for visitors to view the many native pollinator species which visit the plants, including several species of butterflies, moths, and dragonflies.

Chain-of-Lakes Recreation Area is located at 1614 Snowy Egret Drive. Contact Brevard County Parks & Recreation at 321-264-5105 for more information.

East Bed Completed West Bed Completed
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Eileen Szuchy's "A Sampling of Native Edible Plants of the Central Florida Region"
Dr. Paul Schmalzer's "Scrub Habitat"
Dr. Paul Schmalzer's "Woodland Habitat"

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