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Prison Book Project - Titusville Florida

What is Needed

A Christian book can be like
a magnet for the Lord!

We need your help to see this dream of supplying books to more prisons and jails across the USA and the world. We have no paid staff and all the work is done by volunteers. If you would like to be a part of this program by donating a small part of your time please contact us at:
P.O. Box 1146
Sharpes, Fl. 32959

We supply boxes of books to over 1,100 USA jail and prison facilities and to 25 foreign countries

Books, books, and more Christian books ... to reach the 1.96 million people confined in America's prisons. It is estimated that four times that number are confined in county and city jails. Confinement has become a major American industry.
Books, books, and more Christian books ...
The recidivism rate after two years for the general prison/jail population is 85%. In faith based programs (where Christian material is available) the rate drops to 17%!!!!

A&E reports that 90% of new Muslim recruits come from prisons and jails.
They are serious-Christians should be also.

Just one soul is worth the effort.

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