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Prison Book Project - Titusville Florida

Loaves and Fishes

Currently, 28 publishers provide us with books. We mix books (45 per box) in individual boxes and send them out to jails and prisons. The average cost of a box shipment is $12.00. So for $12.00 you can reach 1,350 people. How can $12.00 supply 1,350 people each with a book? We send books to jail and prison chaplains for their libraries; none are sent directly to inmates. Our data indicates that each book will be read by 30 people if it stays in the facility and is shared. We estimate eight hours of average reading time per book. That equals 10,800 hours of ministry time which equals 5.19 years of ministry with no vacations.

Nothing society can do will be 100% effective in eliminating unlawful behavior, but we must do something. The Prison Book Project is a positive component that we, as individuals, can add to the great work that others are doing. More than 95% of inmates will be released. They could be your neighbor. Sinners can be change, look at me (or you).

We supply boxes of books to more than 1,100 USA jail and prison facilities and in 25 foreign countries.

Although our dream of supplying every prisoner with a book seems simple enough, it is complicated and costly. Even with volunteers and many donated books, we still need your help!

Donations to the Prison Book Project are deeply appreciated.

Please send checks or money orders to:
The Prison Book Project
P.O. Box 1146
Sharpes, Fl. 32959

All donations are tax deductible.

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