Monuments to the workers in NASA's Mercury, Gemini, Apollo & Shuttle programs - Titusville, Florida.

Space View Park & Space Walk of Fame
Titusville, Florida

U.S. Space Walk of Fame Monument to the Space Shuttle Workers

Space Shuttle Monument Stainless-1 Space Shuttle Monument Stainless-2 Space Walk of Fame President, Charlie Mars.

August 9, 2014 -- Progress - putting the stainless in place.
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Space Walk of Fame Museum

Kennedy & Shepard quotations

The first and only Walk in the nation that honors America's astronauts as well as the men and women behind the scenes who helped America lead the world in space exploration.

Shuttle monument - June, 2012 - Titusville, Florida. The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the U. S. Space Program through its Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and future Shuttle monuments in Space View Park and the free Space Walk of Fame Museum. The monuments and museum honor the men and women who made the space program possible and the astronauts who flew the missions. For more information, call the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum at 321-264-0434, open Monday thru Saturday 10 to 5 at 4 Main Street in Downtown Titusville, near Space View Park.

Broad Street & the Indian River Lagoon

The Latest News (1/26/13)
      Right now we are on schedule for a dedication of the Shuttle Monument in the fall.  Currently six pylons with space worker names have already been installed and more are coming in.  The monument base is in place and the six granite panels that will cover the base are being worked on.  Each panel will depict one of the six orbiters and tell the stories of their missions and the men and women who worked on them. 
      February 22 & 23 we will be having a Space Memorabilia Appraisal at the old Pat Fisher offices on Hopkins. more info to follow.
      We are having a golf tournament at Sherwood Golf Club April 27, 8:00AM.  Golf, 1/2 cart,  Mulligans & Lunch for $60.00.  Right now Astronaut Jon McBride will be playing with the possibility of more Astronauts to join in the festivities.  We will be having a Ball Drop for $10.00 per ticket as well.  Call Steve Bishop at 321-269-4673 for more information or call Karan at the museum 321-264-0434 to sign up.

Space Walk of Fame Museum       ••      
Click for monument enlargements.
Monument to the workers on the Mercury space project.

Mercury Space Project

Fishing at Space View Park
A corner of Space View Park

Monument to the workers on the Gemini space project.
Gemini Space Project
Monument to the workers on the Apollo space project.
Apollo Space Project
Sunset at Space View Park
Sunset at Space View Park
View of the Vehicle Assembly Building from Space View Park
View of the VAB
Entrance to the Vetrans Memorial at Space View Park
Entrance to the Vetrans Memorial

To locate a name on the pylons: Using the QR app on a smart phone, scan the QR codes found near the monuments.

Dedication of Apollo Monument
in Space View Park, Downtown Titusville
Friday, July 17, 2009 -- 10:00am

Apollo monument dedication - before
Apollo monument dedication - crowd gathering
Crowd gathering
Apollo monument dedication - Sandy Storm, sculptor
Sandy Storm, sculptor
Apollo monument dedication - special guest tent
Special guest tent
Apollo monument dedication - the unveiling
The unveiling
Apollo monument dedication - admiring crowd
Apollo monument dedication - President Kennedy sculpture
President Kennedy sculpture
Apollo monument dedication - Alan Shepard pylon
Alan Shepard pylon

The Apollo monument designed by artist Sandy Storm of Merritt Island was built to honor the space workers and astronauts of the Apollo Program who made exploring the moon a reality. Twelve bronze panels will surround the base of the monument telling the Apollo story. On permanent display at Apollo are bronzed handprints of all the living Apollo Astronauts, where young and old alike can put their hands in the handprints of men who walked on the moon. Raised bronze profiles, by artist Sandy Storm, are there for those astronauts who have died.

Space View Park
A 2002 Retrospective

This is probably the very best place to view a Space Shuttle Launch. "Old timers" are often here and happy to talk. The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation raises funds by selling souvenirs. You know what is happening through the live NASA news feed over loud speakers. It's a thrilling experience to share the drama with hundreds of Space enthusiasts.

Space View Park entrance sign Project Mercury Monument Project Gemeni Monument
Click on any picture above to start the virtual tour.

Rocket Launch Viewing

Please join us at Space View Park ...
The best spot in Titusville to witness a shuttle launch!

The Bust and a Panel that have become part of the Space Walk of Fame's Monument to Project Apollo

John F. Kennedy bust on display in our museum in 2003.
Kennedy Bust - 2003 Museum
A panel from the Apollo monument on display in our museum in 2003.
Panel - 2003 Museum

Mercury Project dedication plaque
Gemeni Project dedication plaque

Space Walk of Fame Continuation

Future location of Apollo & Space Shuttle monuments.
Shuttle program monument is under construction.

Space Walk of Fame Foundation, Inc. logo VISIT our Space Walk of Fame Museum

Feb., 2005 - Boeing Grant for Apollo Monument

      More Foundation details here.

VISIT U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation Website

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