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October 27, 2016

Updates on the Monuments

As 2016 winds down, the Space Walk of Fame Foundation has many exciting events and activities on the horizon. Indeed, we will soon be making an announcement that will spotlight the changes and enhancements happening at the museum. In the meantime, our monuments continue to be a popular attraction to tourists and local residents alike.

Apollo Monument - Space Walk of Fame Monument Ownership
The monuments now belong to the City of Titusville, following a transfer from the Space Walk of Fame Foundation in 2015, but the Foundation still manages engraving sales and tracking (this can be done on-line at our web site - - or by calling 321-264-0434) and we also assist, when needed, with maintenance and other issues. The holidays are a great time to recognize loved ones who worked in the space program with a monument engraving! Don't forget, you can also honor them with a page on the Foundation's exciting new Space Workers Hall of Honor at

Apollo Damage
In August, the No. 10 pylon of the Apollo monument was damaged when a truck came over the mound on the North side of the Apollo main structure. The light pole was hit and knocked down. It hit the bench and and the pylon. No other damage was done. The Foundation worked with the city to start the repair process, and our engineer, Warren Lackie, took the pylon back to his shop for repairs. The damage was not disastrous and the pylon should be returned soon.

Monument Cleaning
The city approved repair funds for the monuments over a year ago and an RFP (Request For Proposal) has been released to secure a contractor for the cleaning of the Stainless, Bronze and Black Granite. Warren Lackie is on the committee to review the bids and made suggestions to the city, based on responses to the RFP. We will update when a decision is made.

ELV monument
At the October Board of Directors meeting board members voted not to proceed with the ELV monument. Several attempts have been made to implement this monument, but there was a lack of interest and financial support. Staff will be contacting those who sent money for ELV engravings. They will have the option to have their money returned, or donate it to the Foundation for general operations.

Monument questions can be referred to: or 321-264-0434.

August 29, 2016

Museum Growth Includes Refresh, STEAM Space and More

TITUSVILLE - The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum in Titusville is reaching for the stars as it implements a makeover of all galleries and exhibits, a new web site, a new digital venue for honoring space workers, and a dynamic new approach to STEAM education. The facility is also unveiling the region's first "STEAM Shop," featuring kits, games, activities, and books all tied to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math for ages Kindergarten to adult.

"We have two primary goals, as defined in our revamped logo," said Executive Director Tara Dixon Engel. "They are: 'Preserving Achievement' and 'Inspiring Innovation.' We preserve achievement through our thousands of unique space artifacts, and the new interpretive signage and interactives we are adding during our Museum Refresh. We inspire innovation by using the history of the space program as a springboard to teaching young people about the STEM disciplines - and adding a dash of creativity through the introduction of art."

The Director explained that the new STEAM Space project will be a multi-phase initiative that begins with the development of five additional STEAM classes, rocketry and computer camps, mentoring/entrepreneurial opportunities, and hands-on learning through a new Makerspace.

"The Makerspace concept is really catching fire in America," Engel explained. "It's rooted in the reality that humans are not living up to their full potential unless they are creating something. Makerspaces allow young and old alike to build, design and create. It could be a nuts-and-bolts project or it could be something digital. Either way, it harkens back to the days when our nation led the world in building things...only now it has a 21st Century twist."

Part of the STEAM Space goal is to make programming and activities available to many more at-risk youth and underserved communities. "The funding we receive from individuals, foundations and corporations helps underwrite the cost of scholarshipping at-risk youth. This is something we've always done with our STEAM Saturdays but now it will be on a much larger scale," the Director said. "The Afterschool Alliance, based in Washington, DC, has defined the emergence of a 'new digital divide' where affluent youth are more likely to be 'content producers,' while disadvantaged youth tend to be 'content consumers.' We will give ALL youngsters the opportunity to be content producers, whether digital or material - which is better for them, for our economy, and for our future Space Coast work force."

STEAM Saturday classes will resume on Sept. 10 and will take place on the second Saturday of each month. Meanwhile, museum staff and educators are building five new classes for 2017. Likewise, two three-day camps are planned - a Rocketry Camp on Jan. 3, 4, and 5, and a Computer Camp in June of 2017. Museum officials are looking for teachers and other professionals interested in developing curriculum and programming or mentoring students.

Engel added that STEAM Space was chosen by LEAD Brevard as one of its 2017 Leadership Action Projects and that the project has already attracted the support of the Parrish Medical Center Foundation, which is funding the start-up with $25,000.

"We are deeply grateful for LEAD Brevard's and Parrish's vision and support," the Director said. "Our objective is to challenge young people to see beyond the limits of their economic or social situation and to approach their lives with the same conviction, audacity and cooperative spirit that put a man on the moon. And we are applying that same audacity to the programs and purpose of this museum. To steal a quote from NASA's Gene Kranz, 'failure is not an option.'"

To support the museum refresh, STEAM Space, and other projects, the museum is seeking grants, new members, and donors or sponsors. They are also implementing new projects that will help them preserve space history. Among these projects are:

  • The museum's new web site - - which was made possible by a grant from the Brevard Cultural Alliance. Memberships, donations, or engravings on the Space Walk of Fame monuments can be managed through this site.
  • The new "Space Worker Hall of Honor," is a joint project between the museum and Titusville mayor Jim Tulley. The digital hall allows space workers past and present to be recognized for their contributions. "It is absolutely free," Engel said, "and family members can post a page honoring someone who is no longer with us. This is one more way we can preserve our space history and recognize those men and women who literally changed the world." Go to or enter the site through the museum's web site.
  • The museum will hold its second charity memorabilia auction in October through the on-line auction house On-line bidding will open one month in advance and will culminate with a live auction at the museum on Oct. 29. "Hundreds of lots will be available, and our Collections Analyst tells me we have some pretty amazing items," Engel said. "Our first auction in April was spectacular and everything was 100% authentic, which is a testament to the knowledge and professionalism of the folks who manage our auction." The Director added that lots are not from the museum collection but are consigned by astronauts, former space workers and collectors.
  • Museum officials are finalizing plans for the 2017 Astronaut Dinner, which will be held in April. The event will take place at the Planetarium at Eastern Florida State College and will feature astronauts, VIPs, great food, fun, and auction items. Details for the dinner will be released in early September.
For a copy of the STEAM Space or Museum Refresh strategic plans, or to sign up for, or find out more about, museum programming, email or call 321-264-0434.

August 11, 2016

Our NAME Is Changing!
The American Space Museum is born
Museum Growth Prompts Name Change

TITUSVILLE - In the midst of growth and enhancements that began in 2015, the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum is now undergoing a name change.

In 2015, the facility, now known as the American Space Museum, acquired a permanent location at 308 Pine Street and also hired museum/non-profit professional Tara Dixon Engel as its first Executive Director. In 2016, the museum introduced an expanded education program known as STEAM Space, and undertook a comprehensive "Museum Refresh" which includes the implementation of new museum collections practices, the creation of new interpretive signage, and the redesign of the facility's galleries, and public areas.

"The name change was a logical next step in our evolution as it gives visitors a better idea of what they will experience at our facility," Dixon Engel explained. "We continue to be overseen by the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation, which built the Walk of Fame monuments in Titusville's Space View Park. Now that the city maintains the monuments while our foundation manages the engraving process, we are able to focus more on the form and function of the museum."

The Director explained that, when the Foundation decided to purchase the building at 308 Pine Street, it gave the museum its first permanent home. "Even though we've existed for 15 years, it got 'real' when we had our own structure. Since then, we have been upgrading and improving our processes and the overall visitor experience," Dixon Engel said. "Our purpose has never changed - we are here to honor America's space pioneers, preserve our nation's space history, and inspire a new generation of dreamers and doers. That is the constant for our monuments and our museum."

The Director noted that people often mistook the museum for the Astronaut Hall of Fame, "or they thought we were a facility dedicated to those who had walked in space. By becoming the American Space Museum we tell visitors exactly what they can expect from us. And it will only get better in the days ahead. Our new STEAM Shop is offering great science and technology gifts while our museum's one-of-a-kind space artifacts and displays continue to be updated and expanded. And, of course, the STEAM Space education program is becoming a dynamic educational force in the community. We're also about to open a 'makerspace' in the museum, offering 3D printers, Legos and other hands-on projects. We're also working to broaden our reach within the Brevard community, partnering with organizations like LEAD Brevard, Eastern Florida State College and the Parrish Foundation. "

To volunteer, donate or join the American Space Museum, please call 321-264-0434, email, or visit the facility's web site at In addition to the monuments in Space View Park, the museum also presides over the new digital Space Workers Hall of Honor at

July 12, 2016

Museum Unveils Updates, New Projects

TITUSVILLE - On July 21 and 23 The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum will unveil its "refreshed" Mercury room, in addition to The Space Workers Hall of Honor and the museum's new STEAM shop.

An invitation-only reception will be held on the evening of the 21st, followed by a public unveiling on Saturday, July 23 at 11 a.m.

Since last summer, the museum has undergone numerous changes, including purchasing the building at 308 Pine Street and hiring a new Executive Director.

"Many of the changes since July of 2015 have been behind the scenes - new collection policies, new software and enhanced record-keeping. But many more will be very visible to those familiar with our museum and its collection," said Executive Director Tara Dixon Engel, adding that freshly painted walls, archival lighting, and a new interpretive narrative are among the enhancements. Additionally, museum officials will be revealing the new Space Workers Hall of Honor which was recently developed in concert with Titusville Mayor Jim Tulley. The Hall is a digital venue that allows former space workers (or their family members, if the worker is deceased) to create a page that pays tribute to their years of service, program association, location and other pertinent details.

Likewise, visitors will be treated to the museum's rebranded gift shop, now known as The STEAM Shop. "Instead of offering only space nic-nacs and mission patches, we will be spotlighting the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and creativity that made the early space program a success. This rebranded shop will feature a wide range of gifts and educational activities and kits, all tied to the STEAM disciplines. Kids of all ages can reinvigorate their sense of wonder with Estes rockets, science activity books, electronic circuitry kits, robots, microscopes and so much more," Dixon Engel said. "We are in the early stages of the rebranding, and visitors are already excited about the potential. This ties in to how we engage young people about science and technology, and how we build a 21st century work force on the space coast. Most of all, we are using the amazing assets of our museum and the individual stories from the American space program to inspire a new generation of innovators and dreamers."

In addition to the unveiling of the "refreshed" Mercury room, the Space Workers Hall of Honor and the STEAM Shop, museum officials will be commemorating the 55th anniversary of Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 Mercury flight, which took place on July 21, 1962.

"It just seemed like the perfect way to unveil the changes in the Mercury honoring one of the Mercury Seven," the Director said. "This is the first of many positive changes on the horizon for our little museum. Like the heroes and legends we honor, the Space Walk of Fame Museum is shooting for the moon!"

p> September 30, 3015



The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum (SWOF) in Titusville has hired a new Executive Director. Tara Dixon Engel of Cocoa Beach joined the museum in June to assist with fundraising and promotions and stepped into the Director's position as of Sept. 18. She replaces long-time museum President Charles Mars, who will remain active in the organization as a board member.

Tara Dixon Engel - new executive director.
Tara Dixon Engel slices the cake as the U.S. Space Walk of Fame
celebrates the purchase of its permanent facility last month
with Charlie Mars. (Photo by Walter Kiely).
Tara Dixon Engel is an Ohio native whose professional history includes serving as Director of Research & Strategic Planning for the National Aviation Hall of Fame, Vice President of the American Veterans Institute and Executive Director at the Downtown Tipp City Partnership. She also co-founded Integrity Marketing & Communications which provided fundraising and marketing consulting services to non-profit agencies. Dixon Engel is a commercially published author and her fourth book is due out in November. She is an award-winning video script writer and a former newspaper journalist and college instructor in computer design. Dixon Engel also served for several years on the blue ribbon panel that inducted Astronauts into the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Titusville.

"I have a passion for all things aerospace and especially the achievements of the early space program," Dixon Engel said. "This museum is an amazing little gem and I tip my hat to Charlie Mars and the incredibly devoted staff and volunteers who kept it going and growing all these years. Now that we own our own building, the opportunities are coming fast and furious. It's going to be a great ride!"

Upcoming projects include ramping up the facility's acclaimed regional and international education program as well as updating exhibits and displays, enhancing the web site, and developing an educational book series for young people. In addition to a widely respected STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) program, the museum is now adding its own unique "SALT© curriculum."

"SALT© stands for Strategic thinking, Administration, Leadership and Team building," Dixon Engel explained. "These are essential tools in modern business and industry - and companies are desperate for new employees skilled in these disciplines. Nowhere do these qualities shine more prominently than in the history of the American space program. We will use that history - and the compelling, inspiring and sometimes quirky individuals who made it happen - to show young people that they, too, can become leaders, innovators and world changers!"

Dixon Engel added that "through my work at the National Aviation Hall of Fame I was blessed to know many pioneers of modern aerospace achievement; amazing folks like Scott Crossfield, Neil Armstrong, Wally Schirra, Joe Engle, and so many others. They inspired me to go 'higher, faster and farther' in any endeavor...and now I have the opportunity to share their stories - and the stories of all those dreamers and doers who built NASA and its achievements - with the world. If that isn't a dream job, I don't know what is!"

"We have been very fortunate to have great leadership over the years," said Board Chairman Dick Beagley of Merritt Island. "We are confident that Tara's experience with museum management, fundraising, and strategic planning will help us take our existing strong foundation and shape it into an enduring presence that benefits everyone on the Space Coast and, in fact, for people across the country and the world. Big things are coming and we are very excited about the future."

Dixon Engel noted that the museum is seeking new partners, volunteers and visionaries who stand ready to "inspire, educate and motivate" a new generation of innovators. She can be reached at 321-264-0434 or

Visit our web site at, stop by and see the monuments and the museum at 308 Pine Street in downtown Titusville.

Dec. 21, 2015

PNC Funds Space Walk of Fame Project
with $10,000 Grant for Pre-K STEAM Programs

A commitment to energizing students toward science, technology, math and engineering has earned the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum a $10,000 grant from the PNC Foundation.

PNC donation to SWOF's STEAM program

The funding will be used to underwrite the museum's STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) programming and, specifically, will help with the development of the new Astro Kids book series. The series will tackle science and technology topics in a fun and interesting way for thousands of children in grades K-3.

"We are so grateful for PNC's civic-minded approach and commitment to serve and support local communities," said Executive Director Tara Dixon Engel. "Our museum is growing and evolving and it is through support like this that we can truly begin to change lives and inspire a positive new tomorrow."

PNC officials Lisa Wilder, regional manager for the Space Coast region, and Marc Huey, senior vice president of business banking, visited the museum on Dec. 15 to award the grant and tour the facility.

"Our support of the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum's STEAM program is a strategic investment in the future of our preschoolers," said Wilder, speaking on behalf of the PNC Foundation. "Studies have shown that a science-rich environment helps children succeed in school. By helping preschoolers to learn about science in a fun and interactive way, we support a solid foundation for the well-being of local children, their families and ultimately, our economy."

The Director, along with museum docent Mike Lombardo, took the bank officials through the museum's exhibit halls, and showed off some of the education projects that are offered to students by the facility's Spacewalk Academy.

"Our Museum Refresh 2016 will get underway shortly as we update and enhance the flow of the museum and the design of our interactives," Engel explained. "We will also be expanding our education program to accommodate all the overflow from our STEAM Saturdays. And, of course, we are preparing for our annual Astronaut Dinner on Jan. 21 at the King Center. This year, the dinner has a retro 1960s theme, which will include local crooner Alfie Silva offering the sounds of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and others of that era. So far, we have almost a dozen astronauts on board. It's going to be great!"

The Director noted that support such as the grant from PNC helps the museum continue to preserve America's space history as well as inspiring a new generation of innovators and explorers.

The PNC Foundation, which receives its principal funding from The PNC Financial Services Group (NYSE: PNC), actively supports organizations that provide services for the benefit of communities in which it has a significant presence. The foundation focuses its philanthropic mission on early childhood education and community and economic development, which includes the arts and culture. Through Grow Up Great, its signature cause that began in 2004, PNC has created a $350 million, multi-year initiative to help prepare children from birth to age 5 for success in school and life.

Visit our web site at, stop by and see the monuments and the museum at 308 Pine Street in downtown Titusville.

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 — 8:30 a.m.

National Space Club Florida Committee monument pylon unveiling

Space View Park, 101 S. Washington Ave., Titusville, FL 32796
        A monument to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to and supported the future of America's space program will be officially unveiled this month in Titusville, Florida.
        The National Space Club Florida Committee pylon in Space View Park is situated between monuments to the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.
        An event to dedicate the pylon will be at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 24, at the park in Downtown Titusville.
        Bob Cabana, shuttle astronaut and current director of NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, will be among the featured speakers. Cabana spent 38 days in space as the pilot on STS-41 and STS-53 and mission commander on STS-65 and STS-88. 
        He was the 2013 recipient of the the Debus Award, which was created by the National Space Club Florida Committee to recognize significant achievements and contributions made in Florida to American aerospace efforts. The award is named for Kennedy Space Center's first director, Dr. Kurt Debus.
        Other recipients of the Debus Award: Veteran NASA manager Bob Sieck, Rockwell Florida Operations vice president and general manager Lee Solid and U.S. congressman Bill Nelson, who flew aboard Shuttle Columbia in January 1986.
        The National Space Club Florida Committee is one of three regional committees of the National Space Club in Washington, D.C. that promotes space exploration.
        The hourlong event at Space View Park is open to the public. For more information, call 321-264-0434.

Monument to the workers on the Space Shuttle project - 9/14.

Shuttle Monument Dedication
November 1, 2014
Orange Avenue and US 1, Downtown Titusville

You are invited to be a part of this historic event! The public dedication of the Shuttle Monument will highlight the contributions made by the workers and astronauts who were a part of the space shuttle program. Space workers will have the opportunity to share with the astronauts their contributions and experiences that made the shuttle program the success it was! Join us as we memorialize the dedication and triumphs that were shared with America!
Vice Mayor Martha Long will accept for Titusville.
Keynote speaker Astronaut Bob Crippen.
Retired astronaut and former Kennedy Space Center Director

September 20, 2014

More photos on Space View Park website.

The Infamous B & H "Rustoff" Reunion! (6/28/2014) -- FLYER -- WHAT was the "RustOff" all about?

Our New Location

U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum in Titusville, FL
U.S. Space Walk Ribbon Cutting - May 31, 2014
U.S. Space Walk Ribbon Cutting - May 31, 2014

SWOF Museum looking west on Palm St.
SWOF Museum looking west on Palm St.
SWOF Museum looking west on Hopkins Ave
SWOF Museum looking west from Hopkins Ave.
Model Orbiter on Hopkins Ave. looking south.
Model Orbiter on Hopkins Ave. looking south.
Three historical sites in Downtown Titusville, FL.
Three historical sites on Pine St. in Downtown Titusville, FL.

OMS/RCS shuttle consoles
The OMS/RCS shuttle consoles in our new building.

Space Walk of Fame display #1 Space Walk of Fame display #2 Space Walk of Fame display #31

Visiting the Museum when we were on Main Street (to May, 2014).
There is so much more to see now!

Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 1 Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 2
Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 5 Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 6
Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 3 Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 4

Your Visit to the Space Walk of Fame

Space Walk of Fame Mercury monument. Space Walk of Fame Gemini monument. Space Walk of Fame Apollo monument.
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Information in this section is from our location in Searstown Mall
which opened November 22, 2003.

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Entrance Sign & Entrance enlargement
U.S. Space Walk of Fame sign & entrance.
Space Shuttle Columbia
Model of Shuttle Columbia
Suits from various jobs and missions.
Various suits on display.
Drawing of future Apollo monument
Drawing of future
Apollo monument.
Panel for the future Apollo monument
Panel for the future
Apollo monument.
Alan Shepards's corvette.
Alan Shepards's corvette.
Displays under the flags.
Displays under the flags.
Diorama of south rocket launch area.
Educational diorama of
Air Force rocket launch area.
Diorama of NASA Shuttle launch area.
Educational diorama of
NASA Shuttle launch area.
Visit the gift shop at the museum and treat yourself, a friend or a relative to a truly unique space-related gift. Items include limited edition artwork, etched-laser glass pieces, space shuttle prints, space-related shirts, shuttle mission patches and pins, books, games, pens, space food, toys, etc. Space Walk of Fame t-shirt
Space Walk of Fame t-shirt.

U.S. Spacewalk of Fame Foundation logo
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U. S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation

We who made history are working to save history.

The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation (USSWOFF) is a non-profit organization comprised of community leaders, aerospace industry officials and current and retired space workers. The organization was formed in the early 90's. A partnership was created between the Foundation and the City of Titusville to create a riverwalk, designated as The Space Walk of Fame, a major component of a redevelopment master plan designed for Titusville's urban waterfront. In addition to the outdoor space displays , the riverwalk provides one of the area's most spectacular viewing spots to witness a space shuttle launch.

USSWOFF is dedicated to paying tribute to and honoring the space workers who made space travel and exploration possible. As part of the Space Walk project, funds have been raised to construct the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo monuments. The Mercury and Gemini monuments have been completed. Work has begun on the Apollo monument. The Space Shuttle monument will be the fourth exhibit to grace the riverwalk.

Engravings are sold through the Foundation enabling space workers, or their families, to honor the space worker by having his/her name placed on the appropriate space program monument/exhibit for posterity.

For historical purposes, the Foundation is building a database containing the names of space workers and their employers. Presently, there are over 10,000 names. USSWOFF has received an oral history grant and is presently taking oral histories from many of the men and women associated with our early space program

"Only by preserving history can we encourage America's youth to continue reaching for the stars."