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Support the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum.  

U.S. Space Walk of Fame U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum
308 Pine Street, Downtown Titusville
P. O. Box 6385, Titusville, FL 32782-6385
(321) 264-0434 •


August, 2016

OUR MEMBERS FORM THE BACKBONE of our organization and help us to make tremendous strides in preservation and education. Just in the past year, we have been able to introduce a new web site at and develop an exciting new tribute site that honors ALL space workers. The Space Worker Hall of Honor at is FREE and open to any former (or current) space workers, as a means of preserving their history and achievements. We have also made great strides in our Museum Refresh. The refreshed Mercury Room has been unveiled and the Gemini Room is well underway. If you haven't seen our new interpretive signage, enhanced artifact presentation, and interactive elements, please stop by and find out where we're at...and where we're going! I'm betting you will want to become a part of this exciting and inspiring facility, either by becoming a member or a volunteer. If you are already one...or BOTH, then I thank you for your support!

WE ARE VERY EXCITED about our expanded education program, now known as STEAM Space, a far-reaching initiative that includes more classes for more grade levels, three-day camps such as computer or rocketry camp, a multi-generational Makerspace where youth can work independently or on team projects, plus mentoring and entrepreneurial initiatives, and an increased focus on at-risk youth. In an effort to develop tomorrow's space/technology workforce and improve the quality of life for everyone, we are focusing on helping students become producers versus consumers. STEAM Space seeks to develop their skills with computers, robots, video technology, mechanical design & problem-solving. We also focus on Strategic thinking, Administration, Leadership and Teamwork (SALT) lessons.

WE HAVE RECENTLY rebranded our gift shop, now known as The STEAM Shop! This unique retail space features activities, kits, books and projects, all tied to the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) and appropriate to ages Kindergarten through adult. Revenue from the STEAM Shop will support our student initiatives, so remember us when you are looking for fun, educational gifts...for yourself or your favorite student! The shop will include Estes rockets, Smithsonian science kits, robot projects, telescopes, microscopes, volcano and crystal growing kits, gastro-science, medical art projects, informational books and so much more! And remember that silver and gold members get 15% off their purchase!

YOUR MEMBERSHIP donation will help us continue our preservation and education efforts, and is tax deductible through the non-profit 501(c)3 status of the museum. Also, each level provides the opportunity to make an additional donation of $10 (or more) to STEAM Space. Please join through the attached membership form or, on-line, at If you have questions, call the museum at 321-264-0434. Help us preserve yesterday's triumphs and keep tomorrow's dreams alive!

Warmest regards,
Tara Dixon Engel
Executive Director


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