U.S. Space Walk of Fame logo

U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum

4 Main Street
Downtown Titusville
P. O. Box 6385
Titusville, FL 32782-6385
(321) 264-0434
Open Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Entrance to the Space Walk of Fame museum in Titusville.

Space Memorabilia Appraisal

Check in the attic, clean out the closets and from under the bed, bring your space memorabilia to 1026 South Hopkins Ave., Titusville (Pat Fisher's old Nissan building next to the Star Advocate). Lunar Legacies, a leader in space memorabilia auctions since 1999, will be conducting free appraisals, accepting auction consignments and/or cash purchases of your early space memorabilia. Items of interest include cloth patches, access badges, astronaut autographs, spacecraft models, photograph, items flown in space (flags, patches), booklets, manuals, jackets, etc. They will also be buying (paying cash) and accepting for consignment quality items for an upcoming space memorabilia auction.

This Space Memorabilia Appraisal event is sponsored by The U. S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation/Museum. Event to be held at 1026 South Hopkins Ave., Titusville, Florida, Friday, February 28, 10 to 5, Saturday, March 1, 10 to 5 and Sunday March 2, 10-5. For further information contact Karan Conklin at the museum at 321.264.0434 or Don Willis at 321-848-3337.

Charlie Mars, President
Space Walk of Fame

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A Visit To The Museum

Have you ever wanted to be up close and personal to the behind the scenes action of an actual launch? See what it's like in the U.S Space Walk of Fame's Pad 36A Launch control Room. We have the actual working consoles used to send satellites into orbit! Audio tapes of the actual launches help you experience the liftoff of giant rockets. Space suites, flight manuals, flown-in-space gear, ground support equipment, to-scale rocket models a Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Launch pad and crawler model with lots of personal memorabilia donated by former space workers fills out this one of a kind space exhibit venue.

Veterans of the space program serve as knowledgeable guides providing a first-hand history of the U.S. space program. The museum also has a gift shop providing visitors with a wide variety of space souvenirs. Books, t-shirts, caps, pens and games are among the items for sale.

Admission is free, open Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 5PM and special events, closed major holidays. The Museum is located at 4 Main Street in Downtown Titusville, around the corner from Titusville's Space View Park. The park features monuments to the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and soon Shuttle missions. It is an ideal location to see KSC space launches.

Gift shop in the Space Museum - Titusville, Florida.

Your Visit to the Museum

Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 1 Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 2 Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 3
Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 4 Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 5 Inside the Space Walk of Fame Museum - 6

Your Visit to the Space Walk of Fame

Space Walk of Fame Mercury monument. Space Walk of Fame Gemini monument. Space Walk of Fame Apollo monument.
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Space Walk of Fame website.


Information in this section is from our location in Searstown Mall which opened November 22, 2003.

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Entrance Sign & Entrance enlargement
U.S. Space Walk of Fame sign & entrance.
Space Shuttle Columbia
Model of Shuttle Columbia
Suits from various jobs and missions.
Various suits on display.
Drawing of future Apollo monument
Drawing of future
Apollo monument.
Panel for the future Apollo monument
Panel for the future
Apollo monument.
Alan Shepards's corvette.
Alan Shepards's corvette.
Displays under the flags.
Displays under the flags.
Diorama of south rocket launch area.
Educational diorama of
Air Force rocket launch area.
Diorama of NASA Shuttle launch area.
Educational diorama of
NASA Shuttle launch area.
Visit the gift shop at the museum and treat yourself, a friend or a relative to a truly unique space-related gift. Items include limited edition artwork, etched-laser glass pieces, space shuttle prints, space-related shirts, shuttle mission patches and pins, books, games, pens, space food, toys, etc. Space Walk of Fame t-shirt
Space Walk of Fame t-shirt.

U.S. Spacewalk of Fame Foundation logo
To the Space Walk of Fame Foundation website.

Commemorative Engraving Order Form • • Become a Member

U. S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation

The U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation (USSWOFF) is a non-profit organization comprised of community leaders, aerospace industry officials and current and retired space workers. The organization was formed in the early 90's. A partnership was created between the Foundation and the City of Titusville to create a riverwalk, designated as The Space Walk of Fame, a major component of a redevelopment master plan designed for Titusville's urban waterfront. In addition to the outdoor space displays , the riverwalk provides one of the area's most spectacular viewing spots to witness a space shuttle launch.

USSWOFF is dedicated to paying tribute to and honoring the space workers who made space travel and exploration possible. As part of the Space Walk project, funds have been raised to construct the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo monuments. The Mercury and Gemini monuments have been completed. Work has begun on the Apollo monument. The Space Shuttle monument will be the fourth exhibit to grace the riverwalk.

Engravings are sold through the Foundation enabling space workers, or their families, to honor the space worker by having his/her name placed on the appropriate space program monument/exhibit for posterity.

For historical purposes, the Foundation is building a database containing the names of space workers and their employers. Presently, there are over 10,000 names. USSWOFF has received an oral history grant and is presently taking oral histories from many of the men and women associated with our early space program

"Only by preserving history can we encourage America's youth to continue reaching for the stars."

VISIT our Space View Park

VISIT U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation Website

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