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Requesting counsel from Thurgood Marshall

Florida State conference of the
National Association
for the
Advancement of Colored People

Mims, Fla
June 30, 1944

Attorney Thurgood Marshall
Special Counsel
69 Fifth Ave.
New York, N. Y.

Dear Attorney Marshall:

As you know, the Suwannee County, Fla. Grand Jury last month failed to indict the three white men accused of lynching Willie James Howard on Jan. 2. Frankly, we expected this negative decision from a state jury, but we followed the advice of Gov. Holland and your office and helped to arrange for the father to return to Live Oak for the hearing.

Apparently, the local officials, especially the sheriff, were reluctant to prosecute this case. It seems that the sheriff was very much upset when he learned that Mr. Howard actually was there to testify. We are forced to wonder if the sheriff himself is not involved in this crime. It is very probable that he at least has tried to help cover up the facts in this case. For your information we are inclosing copy of the father's statement, telling just what happened during the hearing.

We are wondering now if there is any chance for further action in Federal Court. Both the Orange County Branch and the State Conference are anxious that every possible action be taken to secure justice in this case. And, as you perhaps know, a branch of the NAACP has been organized at Live Oak. We are ready to throw our financial support to any further effort that might bring the guilty parties to justice.

Please let us have your opinion in this matter.

Very sincerely yours,
(signed Harry T. Moore)
Harry T. Moore

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