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Reprinted from 1952 EBONY (EBONY November, 1975)
Quiet and scholarly Harry T. Moore had not yet been buried when the Communists went to work exploiting the tragedy to the hilt. Representatives from Communist front organizations rushed to Mims just as soon as the news of the bombing broke. 16 of them flying to the town to attend the Moore funeral. One even got to speak at the funeral.

The Communist press coupled the Moore killings with the Reds' fantastic charge of genocide against the United States. Communists around the world are distributing a published tract, "We Charge Genocide," which accuses the United States Government of systematically trying to exterminate 15 million American Negroes and they used the Moore case to support their claim.

In New York, the Daily Worker tied the Florida tragedy in with a subscription campaign, openly stating that they hoped to get at least 750 subscriptions in Harlem through the bombing stories. "The fight for Daily Worker circulation has been coupled with the fight against genocide in Florida," the Red paper said. Abner W. Berry, Negro writer for the Daily Worker, tied in the Moore murders with one of Florida's best known products with "Notice Negro Blood on Your Grapefruit?"

The Daily Worker also denounced New York's Mayor Vincent Impellitteri because his wife had left for a Florida vacation on the same day Mrs. Moore was buried. Said the Communist paper, "It is a pat on the back to the Klan murderers. It is of a piece with the actions of Harry Truman, who vacations in Key West and does not lift a finger to punish killers of Negro people."

Strangely, Florida's Gov. Fuller Warren helped the Communists in their campaign, although earlier be implied that perhaps Communists were behind the bombing. Angry at the NAACP which attacked his failure to act in previous lawlessness against Negroes, the governor agreed to meet in Tallahassee with a delegation of Negroes and whites seeking action in the Moore case. He specifically wanted NAACP participation in the meeting, but in the delegation there were representatives from the International Workers Order and Civil Rights Congress, both Communist front organizations.

NAACP secretary Walter White declared: "It is idiotic and fantastic to say that Communists were responsible for bombing Moore's home." He terms the blast "one of the greatest tributes that could be paid to Stalin."

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