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How Harry T. Moore Influenced My Life

By: Lucy M. Seigler

Lucy Seigler
He was a Community organizer who lived among us and captured the hearts of many families and friends throughout Mims/Titusville areas, as well as other counties in the State and on a National level.

Being a brilliant intelligent man, Harry T. Moore wanted his people to rise above the standard of not being equal to other groups. Therefore through his wonderful planning and local work, he put into action through the State of Florida our branch today known as the NAACP.

His main objective was to see that education be equal for black people as it was for whites. He also wanted to know and worked very hard to see that every black person go to the polls and vote. This took great faith, courage and determination.

He was always interested in knowing how you were doing in school. He would encourage you to study hard and do your best work because one day you will be on top in Education.

I admired his abilities of being a great leader; educator and he shared his talents as God directed Him. He was a precious husband and father for his family. He gave himself for the welfare of others.

Very often, he would announce meetings at various churches. You could always see the importance of being there because Harry T. Moore was special and always had information that you needed to hear.

On occasion, my parents would visit with the Moore's and they received a great welcome. There were other times my father would allow me to visit with the girls for three hours and would come back and get me. I enjoyed that because Evangeline and I were classmates. We always talked about school and played a fun game concerning educational materials. Harriet was a great cook and you had to eat something with them before leaving their home. Evangeline and I graduated in the class of 1947 from Titusville Negro High School in Titusville, Florida. Mr. Eddie Leon Thomas was the school principal at the time.

We all will remember Harry T. Moore; his life lives on as a memorial for this Community. I can truly say that knowing Harry T. Moore and his family has influenced my life.

Lucy M. Seigler
Mims, FL 32754

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