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They Were So Much More

By: Elma Turnquest Pinder

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Elma Turnquest Pinder
Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore are known for being leaders and community builders. However, to colleagues and others who knew them, they were so much more.

The Moore's reached out to those in the community in so many ways. In the late 30's and early 40's, people in the community were afraid to vote, as a matter of fact, they were afraid to even register to vote. Mr. Moore, however, was not deterred. He would still park his T-Model Ford and walk door to door encouraging the community to exercise their right to vote. I'm sure that this comes as no surprise to those who knew Mr. Moore and his dedication to his people. However, not many people may know that Mr. and Mrs Moore were also humanitarians. The Moore's would help large families and my family was one of those families.

I met the Moores in the late 30's when I began school at Mims Colored Elementary School, where the Moores were teachers. I was one of eleven children and because our family was so large, my parents could not afford to pay for my lunch. Her kindness didn't stop there. When I joined Girl Scouts, my parents could not afford to pay for my uniform. I was very disappointed. Once again, Mrs Moore came to my rescue and paid for my Girl Scout uniform.

After leaving elementary school, I believe that the Moores would forget about my family. They did not. Every year around the 3rd week in August my family would receive a post card from the Moores to come and pick up clothing and school supplies. Those, and other acts of kindness, are what I will always remember most about the Moores.

I pray that one day the whole world will know about the hope that Mr. Moore always tried to instill in his people. I also hope that young people around the world will learn about and appreciate Mr. Moore's dedication to helping African Americans realize many of the rights that are today taken for granted. Most importantly, I pray that the world will one day know of the kindness and generosity that Mr. and Mrs. Moore showed to so many.

Elma Turnquest Pinder
Mims, FL 32754

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