Harry T. Moore photo

Harry T. Moore as I Remember Him

By: Janet Seigler Campbell

Janet Campbell
Everybody, except students of his, referred to him as Professor Moore. Students called him Mister Moore. Let me begin by saying that he always had the time to explain things we as students did not understand, and he did it with much compassion and love.

Every morning began with students and teachers gathering around the flagpole. Usually we sang a patriotic song, said prayer, and said the Pledge of Allegiance. After that we lined up and went to class.

There were three classrooms, three teachers, and very old books. Mr. Moore made sure that he taught us the basics in all subjects. We had oral readings daily, and we did so by standing. Spelling must have been his favorite subject. At the end of every week a spelling test was given, and if you missed just one word, he had a way to make sure you did not miss that word again.

We had to memorize a lot of information. We had to memorize the continents, states and capitals, all counties in Florida and multiplication facts. We were also taught facts in Black history. Special emphasis was placed on the contributions made by Blacks that helped make this world, and especially this country, a better place to live. The social graces were included in our lessons as well.

If we finished our work early, we were allowed to go outside and pick up paper and pull weeds on the campus. I believe that lunchtime was his time to relax, meditate, and pray. Sometimes the boys would rock his car as he sat inside it eating lunch. He was a good sport about it. He would chuckle, smile, and continue his meal. When he finished he would ring the bell and back to class we went, in line of course.

Mr. Moore based his teaching on reason, religion, and kindness. I truly believe he was a man who prayed without ceasing year after year. That is how he lived such a beautiful life without fear.

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