Titusville, Florida  


Colonel Titus

Colonel Henry T. Titus

Early River Walk

Early River Walk

 The city was named for Colonel Henry T. Titus, who according to legend won the right to name the town in a dominoes match. Before that time, Titusville was called "Sand Point," a popular tourist destination on a beautiful stretch of the Indian River. The rail connection serving the area accommodated many winter visitors seeking a respite from the cold northern winter, and Titusville became a regular stop.

When Colonel Henry Titus arrived in 1867, this was truly the Florida frontier. When Titusville was incorporated 20 years later, it had a population of 400, four stores, a post office, two hotels and a newspaper. Electric lights brightened the town in 1891, followed by an ice plant, Henry Flagler's railway and telegraph serive. But sadly, the Great Fire of 1895 destroyed several city blocks. Since 1900, Titusville has been a center of production of world famous Indian River citrus and salt water fishing. It was also heaquarters of contruction for hundreds of military boats during WWII. Following the war, the city began an increase in activity with the space program, highlighted by the first missile launch of July 4, 1950. Today's regular Space Shuttle launches just across our shores, and the thousands of awed spectators who come to watch, still place Titusville on the dateline for international space news today. With each launch, another page is added to the history of "Space City, USA!"

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