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Titusville, Florida's Centennial Celebration - 1967/

Titusville, Florida Centennial — 1867-1967
Historical Booklet and Program
Countdown In History


The following are the principal sources used for the first four chapters: Mr. Jack B. Horton, Jr's. manuscript entitled The First SO Years, 1867-1917, that ran in serial form in the Titusville Star-Advocate; a series of thirteen historical articles which appeared in the Spaceport News; miscellaneous information supplied by the Kennedy Space Center Historian; East Coast Florida Memoirs, 1837 to 1866 by Robert Hanson; a manuscript entitled Brevard County From The Wilderness; several articles and research papers compiled and written by Mr. L. C. Crofton; and pictures supplied by the Titusville Star-Advocate, the Bohannon Studio & Camera Shop, and the Kennedy Space Center Historian.

The material in Chapters 5 through 10 was compiled by Barbara Heller Kalanik (Mrs. Thomas Kclonik) through interviews with numerous local citizens. Mrs. Kalanik placed in quotation marks the stories that are translated verbatim although the person interviewed is sometimes not identified; Mrs. Charles Shuey assisted in the editing and writing of these chapters. The following residents of Titusville are thanked for their interviews which contributed to this portion of the history: Miss Kate Shuey; Mrs. D. B. Pritchard; Mrs. Annie Griggs; Mrs. Marion Barnhart; Mr. AI Ziegler; Mr. L. C. Crofton; Mr. Charles E. McConnell; Mr. Everett Anderson; Mrs. E. l. Battle; Mr. Charels Heller; Mrs. Sadye Gibson; Mr. and Mrs. James Finn; Mrs. Truman Taylor; Mr. Dick Darden; Mrs. Virginia Bohannon; Mrs. Natalie Gardner; Mrs. Robert Green; and Mrs. Becky DeViese. In addition the Andrew Gibson School is thanked for the material it supplied.

The final chapter (now chapter 12) was written by Marylou Miller (Mrs. Richard H. Miller). Each organization and church was personally contacted in quest of an article and pictures. Printing deadlines dictated that only those churches and organizations that submitted an article could be included in this chapter.

The following is a COUNTDOWN IN HISTORY. The Count begins with a savage and unexplored wilderness and proceeds through a varied and colorful history. The Count ends with the present - the fastest growing city in America's fastest growing County. Titusville is ripe for her lift-off. Her future is grounded in the Space Age and intertwined with the excellence and innovation that Age will bring.

Robert L. Nabors

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