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The Conkling House
1120 Riverside Drive

The historic Conkling house in Titusville, FL
Source: Littlejohn Engineering Associates, October 2014
Statement of SignificanceHistoric Designation Report (31 pages PDF)


According to the Brevard County Property Appraiser, the structure was built in 1914. In the Conkling's mortgage of 1913, a proviso is included for building insurance in the amount of $1,700. This was for "buildings which are now or may be hereafter erected". The East Coast Advocate from May 22, 1914 mentions a cousin of Sara Conkling visiting their 'riverfront home in Bayview' for a few days, indicating that the Conklings were living in their home in the spring of 1914. The property and structure first appear on the historic maps produced by the Sanborn Map Company in 1920 (see Report). Prior Sanborn maps (five of which were produced between 1893 and 1915) do not show the area of town on which the house was built. The 1920 Sanborn Map shows a one-story house, with a porch spanning the eastern side of the house, a one story water tower, and a garage. The house and water tower were shown as framed buildings, with the garage as a metal clad framed building.

During the research conducted as part of the designation review, it was discovered that the structure at 1120 Riverside Drive is a kit home purchased from the Sears and Roebuck Company catalogue. The building architecture, Craftsman/Bungalow Style, reflects the State of Florida's trend in architecture during the period in which it was constructed.

Construction Materials

The building is a 1 1/2 story Craftsman/Bungalow style home. The house has a continuous concrete foundation and a wood (balloon) structural system. The exterior fabric of the house was originally wood clapboard; however, the wood clapboard was covered with cementitious (fiber cement) siding. The original windows are present on the first floor and are grouped 1/1 double hung sash wooden windows. There is also a stain glass window in the bathroom. It is historic (at least 50 years old) but may not be original to the house. The gable roof is surfaced with composition shingles.

Statement of Significance

The property at 1120 Riverside Drive (The Conkling House) was built in 1914 as a private home for Homer and Sara Conkling. Mr. Conkling was born in Texas and moved to Melbourne in 1895 with his parents, Albert and Anna Conkling. After the death of Charles Conkling, Homer's brother and business partner, Homer moved to Titusville in 1905. He started the Brevard Title of Abstract Company, later the Indian River Abstract & Guarantee Company. Sara Conkling was born Sara Best in Pennsylvania. The Conklings raised two sons in this house, both of whom graduated from the University of Florida Law School and returned to Brevard County to practice law Homer Jr. as an attorney (after retiring from the Air Force JAG) and Virgil as a Brevard County Circuit Judge.

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