North Brevard History - Titusville, Florida

A History of the Negro School in Titusville, Florida

Principals of Titusville's Negro Schools

Harry Tyson Moore

Harry Tyson Moore ... earned the normal degree from Florida Memorial College in May 1925. In 1936, Mr. Tyson earned a degree from Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida. He began his teaching career at Cocoa's only black school where he taught 4th grade from 1925-27. In 1927, he was promoted to principal of the Titusville Colored School, which went from fourth through ninth grades. He taught ninth grade and supervised a staff of six teachers. He remained there until 1936. In 1936, Mr. Moore transferred to the school in East Mims and worked as both teacher of 5th and 6th grades and principal until 1946. In June 1946, Mr. Moore paid a terrible price for his political activism, as he and his wife, Harriette, were both fired from their teaching jobs. Realizing that he would be blacklisted from teaching, Harry Moore took a bold step: he became a full-time, paid organizer for the Florida NAACP. On Christmas Day 1951, Harry T. Moore was killed when a bomb was placed beneath the floor joists directly under his bed. Moore died on the way to the hospital in Sanford, Florida; his wife, Harriette, died nine days later. Despite an extensive FBI investigation and two later investigations, the murders have never been officially solved.

Lucille Byrd Massey

Lucille Byrd Massey ... began her career in education after attending Edward Water College in Jacksonville, FL. She went on to earn her BA degree and eventually the M. Ed. degree in Administration and Supervision from FAMU. Her illustrious career as an educator began in 1923 when she was eighteen years old. Her first teaching assignment was as a third and fourth grade teacher at Lincoln Park School in Broward County, Florida. She returned to her hometown of Melbourne in 1927 and taught 5th and 6th grades. She taught at various schools in Brevard County including Micco where she taught grades 1?6 for the1929 school term. In 1930, Mrs. Massey became the principal of the colored elementary school in Eau Gallie, and she remained there until 1936. 1936 once again saw her as a classroom teacher at Melbourne Junior High School. In 1937, she transferred to the school in Shiloh. From 1938?1946 she served as principal/teacher at the colored school in City Point. Mrs. Massey began her final school assignment during the 1946?47 school term at the Mims Colored School. In 1956, the school became known as East Mims Elementary and in 1959 the school was named Cuyler Elementary School. During all of these years in Mims, Mrs. Massey served in dual capacities as both teacher and principal. Finally in 1961, she was able to leave the classroom and serve solely as principal of Cuyler from 1961to 1967. Mrs. Massey retired June 14, 1967. She continued to work untiringly in the Mims community until her death January 15, 1970.

Clarence W. Harris

Clarence W. Harris was a native Floridian who earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Florida A&M University. All of Mr. Harris' public service was in the school systems of Brevard and Volusia Counties. He served as principal of Titusville Negro High School from 1940 until 1943. During his tenure, the quality of students' educational performance greatly improved due to his tenacity in bringing such courses as chemistry and activities such as drama and sports to the school. Championship girls and boys basketball teams were developed in spite of the many deficiencies and obstacles that they faced. Mr. Harris left Brevard County to pursue other career opportunities in Volusia County. He retired in DeLand after a fruitful career. Mr. Harris' demise came in 1992 at the age of 80.

Samuel C. Nixon, Jr.

Samuel C. Nixon, Jr. ... a native of Tampa, Florida received his high school diploma from Middleton High School in Tampa. He pursed higher educational endeavors and earned his Bachelor's Degree from Florida A&M University and his Master's Degree from Ohio State University. He did further graduate studies at Columbia University. His career in education spanned an interesting range of work. He began his duties as Assistant Principal/Teacher at Titusville Colored High School from 1941 to 1943 and as Principal from 1943 to 1945. Mr. Nixon went on to become principal of E. O. Douglas High School in Sebring, Florida from 1946 until 1970. From 1970 until 1978 he served a Coordinator for the Highlands County School Board. Prior to joining the Highlands County School District as an employee, Mr. Nixon served in the U. S. Navy. As a community advocate, Mr. Nixon held membership in and played active roles in the following entities: the Florida Association of School Administrators, the Florida Association of School Personnel Administration, the NAACP, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and First Baptist Church of Sebring, Florida. Although his stay in the North Brevard community was brief, he made a significant impact on the students he served. Samuel C. Nixon, Jr. died in 1991 at the age of 73.

Eddie Leon Thomas

Eddie Leon Thomas ... received his education from FAMU. He earned the BS degree in 1941 and the MA in education in 1955. Mr. Thomas began his illustrious career in education in 1941 at the age of 26. He served in a dual capacity as a science teacher and principal at the colored school in Titusville. He took sole responsibility as principal during the 1948?49 school term and left this position in 1954. Mr. Thomas taught science, math and social studies at Stone High from 1955 until 1961. During the 1961-62 school term, Mr. Thomas worked as a "circuit guidance counselor", that is, he served as guidance counselor for Stone, Monroe and Gibson schools simultaneously. He served as guidance counselor solely for Monroe from 1962?1968. When Brevard County schools integrated, Mr. Thomas transitioned to Kennedy Junior High in Rockledge as guidance counselor from 1968?1970. He then moved to Cocoa High from 1970 to 1971 and on to Eau Gallie High from 1971 to 1977. His last assignment was as guidance counselor at Harbor City Elementary. He remained there from 1977 until his retirement on June 8, 1979. Mr. Thomas continued to remain active and worked faithfully in the Melbourne community and for his church as a deacon until his demise in 2012.

Daniel Webster Delagall

... a native of Sanford, Florida, served as the last principal of the Wager Street School and the first principal of Andrew J. Gibson School. Mr. Delagall earned his Bachelor and Masters Degrees from Florida A & M University. He did further studies at FAMU and Tuskegee Institute. Prior to coming to Titusville, Mr. Delagall was a science and physical education teacher at Howard Academy in Monticello, Florida. From 1951 - 1955, he was the principal of Mayhew High School in Blountstown, Florida (Calhoun County). In 1955, Mr. Delagall became the principal of the Wager Street School in Titusville. He continued as principal of the school in Titusville until June 1957. Mr. Delagall and his wife, Charlotte, along with their children, moved to Okeechobee to pursue other career choices in education. Mr. Delagall passed away in 1994 at the age of 68.

James R. Greene

James R. Greene ... became the principal of Andrew J. Gibson High School at the beginning of the 1957?58 school year. Mr. Greene earned his BS Degree in 1937 from FAMU. He later matriculated at Hampton Institute and earned the MA degree in 1951. He did further studies at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. Mr. Greene came to Brevard County from Alachua County where his last assignment there was at Douglass High School in High Springs, Florida. He was married to Mildred Barlow and they were the proud parents of three daughters: Janet, Valarie and Cassandra. At the end of the 1960 school year, Mr. Greene departed from Gibson to accept the presidency of Carver Junior College in Cocoa, FL. During his last school term in Brevard County, 1963?64, he served as principal of Monroe High School in Cocoa. Mr. Greene resigned at the end of the 1963?64 school year to accept an assignment in Volusia County.

Frank Elbert Williams

Frank Elbert Williams ... a product of the Titusville Negro School, served his country in the military from 1943 - 1946. After serving his country in the military, Mr. Williams earned his BA degree in Economics from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia in 1949. Frank did further studies at Atlanta University and Bethune Cookman-College. He began his career in education as a social studies instructor of the Veterans Institute in 1950. He met and married the late Artie P. Griffin. In 1952, he became a regular staff member of the Titusville Negro High School teaching geography and history. He continued to teach the students of Titusville until 1960 as a social studies instructor. In 1960, he was appointed principal of Andrew J. Gibson High School, and he served in that capacity until January 1966. In 1964, Mr. Williams earned the Master of Education degree from the University of Florida at Gainesville. In January 1966, Mr. Williams took a professional leave of absence for six months to work on his doctoral dissertation. In 1968, he earned the EdD from the University of Florida. In 1966, Dr. Williams returned to work as the Supervisor of Special Projects for the Brevard County School Board. Dr. Williams then went on to serve as the Federal Desegregation Specialist for the School Board. In 1970, he once again took a professional leave of absence and resigned in June 1971 to pursue other employment opportunities. Dr. Williams went on to serve his country once again in various capacities, including Director of Peace Corps in Africa, Vice President Agnew's Cabinet Committee for Desegregation, National Director of VISTA, and the Assistant Director of the Cabinet Committee on Education under President Nixon. He ended his professional career as Director of ACTION's Regional Office in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Williams departed this life on November 5, 2012 at the age of 87 in Titusville, Florida, after an extended illness.

Walter Joseph Quick

Walter Joseph Quick ... earned the BS degree in History and Political Science from Louisiana State University in 1957. He went on to pursue the M. Ed., concentrating in Elementary Education, from the University of Maryland. In 1965, Mr. Quick earned the EdD degree from the University of Florida.Walter Quick began his teaching career in Florida at Lake Lucina Elementary School in Duval County in 1961. In 1962, he transferred to Pasco County and taught sixth grade at Zephyrhills Elementary until 1965. In 1965, Dr. Quick came to Brevard County as Assistant Principal of Clearlake Junior High in Cocoa, and he remained there until his appointment as principal of Andrew J. Gibson in 1966. In 1967, Dr. Quick became the principal of Madison Junior High School and remained there until 1969. In 1969, Dr. Quick transferred to Holland Elementary School as principal where he remained until his death January 20, 1985.

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