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Where was the Pine Hill Negro School?

These clippings were found in the archives of the North Brevard Historical Museum.

If you have any knowledge of where this school was or is, please send it to the webmaster.

First wing Of New Pine Hill Negro School

First Wing of New Pine Hill Negro School

First Phase of the construction of the Pine Hill school for Negroes in southwest Titusville was this three classroom wing finished in 1950.
It is completely modern and will soon be a portion of a large Negro school center.

Pine Hill Negro School Will Follow This Plan; Will Be Finished Soon

Pine Hill Negro School Will Follow This Plan

Major portions of this new Pine Hill school for Negroes are now under way. The wing in the right foreground was built in 1950.
Voters in North Brevard approved a bond issue to finance the other construction. The wing at the left will include a cafetorium,
stage, kitchen, locker and shower rooms, industrial arts and woodworking rooms. The flat-roofed structure in the center is the
administration wing, containing principal's office, storage rooms, teacher's room and sick room. the wings in the background will
include classrooms, a multi-purpose room, library and rooms for home economics and science departments.

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