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Alvero Mexia map of Florida

Discover the lost history
of our ancient first peoples -
the Ais Indians.

by Ray Osborne

Ancient document of Alvero Mexia regarding Ais Indians. Credit: RKO. Dr Francis shows slide of the first page of the Deterreo with Alvero Mexia's signature.

Dr. Michael Francis speaks on Alvero Mexia and the Ais Indians.

Ais Newsletter #1

A research mission to Seville Spain to reveal lost Brevard County history of the 17th century is planned. A Dr. Michael Francis of the University of North Florida is sending five students to Seville Spain to examine ancient Spanish manuscripts to discover information about the Spanish and the Native Cultures of our area known as the Ais Indians. In 1605 there was a diplomatic mission by Alvero Mexia to the Ais Indians which not only produced a wonderful map of our area but also resulted in a "Period of Friendship" with the local indigenous tribes. This is one item of research.

The student that is assigned to research our area is Arthur Tarrantus. Everything is set to go, grants have paid for his airfare and his lodging but community help is needed to pay for this student's meals. Arthur is sharing info at the Local History page at Facebook.

Arthur Tarratus recently said at the Local History Group Facebook page, "I actually had been transcribing Mexia's derrotero this past week and finished up probably at the same time Dr. Francis was giving his talks. I was pretty darned excited to find it! The derrotero itself is about three pages of a file of about 70 pages of letters from Pedro de Ybarra to the king and there is much to be gleaned from in there as I really dig in. I would be very happy to do some justice to it. So, in that larger sense I want to thank this list for the constant enthusiasm here, and so obviously demonstrated in Dr. Francis' visit. Great times."

Arthur will not only have some great information to share with our community when he comes back to our area with Dr. Francis but he will share some recent discoveries at the fund raisers we have planned.

Upcoming events to support this research trip.

On April 3rd, Ray Osborne has an agenda item with the Brevard County Commission for a grant for Dr. Francis's research trip to Spain. If you wish to come to the meeting to offer your support then that would be appreciated.

April 28th, at Noon, A fund raiser is planned at the Dixie Crossroads in Titusville to support this research trip. At this event local historian Ray Osborne will give a slide presentation of the lost native cultures including the Ais Indians. He's asked Roz Foster to give a historic tour of the Historic Pritchard house. Osborne says he will send invitations first come first served through Eventbrite soon. An upfront fee for registration of $10 to cover expenses with a percentage going to the fund raiser will be requested. To get an invitation send email to

Come join our community effort as we recover lost history in time for our state's anniversary - Viva Florida 500.

Check back soon for updates.

© Copyright 2012: Ray Osborne. All rights reserved.

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